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Dell Offers Discounts to Credit Union Members

Dell Inc. now offers discounts on computers and devices through the Invest in America program, available exclusively through credit unions from the CU Solutions Group (CUSG). CUSG, a
provider of human resources, technology, marketing and membership enhancement solutions for the creditunion industry, today announced this strategic partnership agreement.

“Dell is the perfect addition to the Invest in America program and we are very pleased to have a partnership with them,” said David Adams, CEO of CU Solutions Group.  “Invest in America is about connecting credit union members with discounts from top American companies like Dell, while supporting American businesses, jobs and local credit unions.”

The agreement calls for up to 30% discounts on computer systems and 10% off on Dell Mobility products, with discounts also available on business‐class systems. Dell, a Fortune 50 business and a Top 5 web merchant, joins the successful Invest in America program that also includes special credit union member discounts from top American companies including General Motors, Sprint, Intuit and more. The Invest in America discounts are designed to help credit union members by offering significant discounts on products and services they use every day. Consumers and credit union members can find details on the discounts at, where they can also learn about credit unions and how to find and join one.

With lower rates, better fees, free ATMs and even special member discounts, credit unions are a high‐quality, low cost choice for financial needs. Invest in America is just one way that credit unions support their core philosophy of “people helping people.” The nationwide Invest in America program is available at more than 3,000 participating credit unions in all 50 states.



Occupy Student Debt.

Part of Operation Cash Back #OpCashBack is spreading the word about the revolution going on around the world, one of these events is Occupy Student Debt.

An email to me from Anon Debtor Girl-

Occupy Student Debt started out on Facebook ( as a group for angry student debtors. The guys from Default: The Student Loan Documentary and Robert Applebaum of got involved, which helped the page get some attention
I became furious on Wednesday when Obama announced his student loan “reforms” because they only cover federal loans, and not private, bank-backed loans (i.e. through Sallie Mae, Citibank, B of A, Chase, etc.) Anyone who has already defaulted on either type of loan is still fucked, and there are no bankruptcy protections even for the disabled. The banks can even garnish your Social Security checks, thanks to Congress stripping away consumer protections in 2005.
Most people don’t know the difference between gov’t backed and bank-backed loans, so they keep assuming everyone has the right to income-based repayment plans. No. The big banks don’t give a fuck if you’re unemployed and begging to defer, or if only bringing home $800/mo. They’ll still demand the full $1,000 you owe — and if you can’t make payments for only 90 days, you default. Once you default, your credit is shot for life. You can’t rent a house or an apartment, and you still have to pay back the amount you owe plus thousands more in bullshit fees. has some good explanations of how this works, and how it’s meant to especially ruin the lives of low-income and minority students.
What we’re trying to do: We want to collect your stories about student loan hell. We want to inform the public about the lack of consumer protections and refinancing rights for student loans and hold private lenders accountable for their refusal to help students avoid default. We believe that the federal government must act to help students who have already defaulted, and to restore consumer protections and bankruptcy rights immediately. We want lenders to be held accountable for lobbying Congress and for exploiting poor and middle-class families. We want to draw attention to what student debtors are truly facing. We are the overeducated underclass. Don’t call us entitled for wanting survival.
We’re trying to organize a Student Debt Action day on 11/12. , we want students to join their local Occupy events to protest the exploitative actions of the government and big banks as outlined above.

Monster Prediction From BofA: Another US Debt Downgrade Is Coming In Just A Few Weeks

In an analyst note, Bofa/ML’s Ethan S. Harris drops a bit of a bombshell prediction:


We expect a moderate slowdown in the beginning of next year, as two small policy shocks—another debt downgrade and fiscal tightening—hit the economy. The “not-so-super” Deficit Commission is very unlikely to come up with a credible deficit-reduction plan. The committee is more divided than the overall Congress. Since the fall-back plan is sharp cuts in discretionary spending, the whole point of the Committee is to put taxes and entitlements on the table. However, all the Republican members have signed the Norquist “no taxes” pledge and with taxes off the table it is hard to imagine the liberal Democrats on the Committee agreeing to significant entitlement cuts. The credit rating agencies have strongly suggested that further rating cuts are likely if Congress does not come up with a credible long-run plan. Hence, we expect at least one credit downgrade in late November or early December when the super Committee crashes.

This is quite a stunning prediction, mainly because nobody is talking about this. And though the experts were 100% wrong in thinking that a downgrade would increase borrowing costs, it did cause a major market jolt when it happened, leading to a major blow to confidence in August and September.

Another round of that would certainly not be helpful.

Hense Harris’ note is titled “Enjoy It While It Lasts.” We have a nice little upswing in economic data, but next year could be rough again, when these confidence shocks hit.

As for the immediate term, Harris sees 2.7% GDP for Q3 (the advance estimate for which will be released this coming Thursday) and 2.3% GDP for Q4.

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BoA Branch Mgr Begs Customer Not To Close Accounts

Topic started on 19-10-2011 @ 11:05 AM by Tripnman

Over the past two weeks, I have been closing down and moving money out of my Bank of America accounts. I have done my personal and business (I own a consulting business) banking there for over ten years but have decided to vote with my wallet and express my displeasure with the system by removing my money from their clutches. One by one, I have zeroed out the balances on various accounts by transferring and consolidating via their website. After each transfer I then called to close the accounts over the phone without issue.  Yesterday was different. I visited a branch to make a business deposit and when I arrived, there were signs on the ATMs indicating that the system was down and that customers should come into the branch. Before I got to the business customers’ line, I was stopped by a banking associate and asked the purpose of my visit. I told him I was there to make a deposit and he waved me to a desk. When I sat down the banker first asked for my account number.

I don’t know it, so I handed him my ATM card. That’s when he explained that all of their computers were down, and although they would accept the deposit, without the account number they would have to give me a generic receipt. Say what huh? When I told him that my newly opened accounts at a local (small, community) credit union would like the deposit he insisted that their computers were down too. Fifteen minutes after leaving BoA I found that to not be true and the money was happily deposited into a new account at the CU without issue.  Later in the afternoon I hit up a different branch of BoA and found their computers working just fine. I went in, asked to speak with a banker and was seated in an office. When the young associate came in and asked the purpose of my visit, I handed her my ATM card and requested that she tell me the balance. When she did, I then asked for a cashiers check in that amount. That’s when things got wonky.

She froze, stumbled over her words and asked why I needed that amount (It was not a small sum). This gave me an opportunity to explain that althouth I personally would not be affected by their new fees I know plenty of friends and family that would feel the pain. In solidarity with them, I wished to close the account and move on. She unwittingly suggested that if I just use my debit card once a month then there would be no fee. That was good for a belly laugh from me, then I again requested the balance to be issued to me in the form of a cashier’s check. She then told me that there would be a $10 fee for this service. Another laugh. I guess it didn’t sink in when I told her that I was fee adverse. There was an easy work-around anyway – I requested the cash. That finished my time with this associate banker as the amount I was requesting was “well past” her daily limit for withdrawals. I asked if there would be an issue with securing the cash and she said “I honestly don’t know if we have that here” and walked out to get the branch manager.  The manager was pleasant enough and very direct. After introducing herself she flat out asked “What can we do to change your mind?” “We don’t want to see you go” she emphasized. This opened a door for me to further explain my decision to leave the bank and why I was doing it. Amazingly, it did not fall on deaf ears. She indicated that understood where I was coming from and actually showed genuine surprise at some of the facts I provided her about the less than consumer friendly policies and mechanations of her employer. She did make some feeble counter-arguments and repeatedly asked me if I would change my mind (with a hint of desperation!).

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A Message From Anonymous: Operation Cash Back

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Can I Have A Hand Out?


Date Financial Institution City State Amount
10/28/2008 Wells Fargo & Co. San Francisco Calif. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 State Street Corp. Boston Mass. $2,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Bank of America Corp.1 Charlotte N.C. $15,000,000,000
10/28/2008 JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Citigroup Inc. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Morgan Stanley New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Bank of New York Mellon Corp. New York N.Y. $3,000,000,000
11/17/2008 Regions Financial Corp. Birmingham Ala. $3,500,000,000
11/17/2008 UCBH Holdings Inc. San Francisco Calif. $298,737,000
11/17/2008 Bank of Commerce Holdings Redding Calif. $17,000,000
11/17/2008 Broadway Financial Corp. Los Angeles Calif. $9,000,000
11/17/2008 SunTrust Banks Inc. Atlanta Ga. $3,500,000,000
11/17/2008 Northern Trust Corp. Chicago Ill. $1,576,000,000
11/17/2008 Provident Bancshares Corp. Baltimore Md. $151,500,000
11/17/2008 U.S. Bancorp Minneapolis Minn. $6,599,000,000
11/17/2008 TCF Financial Corp. Wayzata Minn. $361,172,000
11/17/2008 BB&T Corp. Winston-Salem N.C. $3,133,640,000
11/17/2008 1st FS Corp. Hendersonville N.C. $16,369,000
11/17/2008 Valley National Bancorp Wayne N.J. $300,000,000
11/17/2008 KeyCorp Cleveland Ohio $2,500,000,000
11/17/2008 Huntington Bancshares Columbus Ohio $1,398,071,000
11/17/2008 Umpqua Holdings Corp. Portland Ore. $214,181,000
11/17/2008 First Horizon National Corp. Memphis Tenn. $866,540,000
11/17/2008 Comerica Inc. Dallas Texas $2,250,000,000
11/17/2008 Zions Bancorporation Salt Lake City Utah $1,400,000,000
11/17/2008 Capital One Financial Corp. McLean Va. $3,555,199,000
11/17/2008 Washington Federal Inc. Seattle Wash. $200,000,000
11/17/2008 Marshall & Ilsley Corp. Milwaukee Wis. $1,715,000,000
11/21/2008 City National Corporation Beverly Hills Calif. $400,000,000
11/21/2008 Pacific Capital Bancorp Santa Barbara Calif. $180,634,000
11/21/2008 Heritage Commerce Corp. San Jose Calif. $40,000,000
11/21/2008 First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc. Chula Vista Calif. $19,300,000
11/21/2008 Nara Bancorp, Inc. Los Angeles Calif. $67,000,000
11/21/2008 Webster Financial Corporation Waterbury Conn. $400,000,000
11/21/2008 Centerstate Banks of Florida Inc. Davenport Fla. $27,875,000
11/21/2008 Ameris Bancorp Moultrie Ga. $52,000,000
11/21/2008 Taylor Capital Group Rosemont Ill. $104,823,000
11/21/2008 Porter Bancorp Inc. Louisville Ky. $35,000,000
11/21/2008 Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. Boston Mass. $154,000,000
11/21/2008 Severn Bancorp, Inc. Annapolis Md. $23,393,000
11/21/2008 Trustmark Corporation Jackson Miss. $215,000,000
11/21/2008 First Niagara Financial Group Lockport N.Y. $184,011,000
11/21/2008 Western Alliance Bancorporation Las Vegas Nev. $140,000,000
11/21/2008 First Community Corporation Lexington S.C. $11,350,000
11/21/2008 HF Financial Corp. Sioux Falls S.D. $25,000,000
11/21/2008 First Community Bankshares Inc. Bluefield Va. $41,500,000
11/21/2008 Banner Corporation Walla Walla Wash. $124,000,000
11/21/2008 Cascade Financial Corporation Everett Wash. $38,970,000
11/21/2008 Columbia Banking System, Inc. Tacoma Wash. $76,898,000
11/21/2008 Heritage Financial Corporation Olympia Wash. $24,000,000
11/21/2008 Associated Banc-Corp Green Bay Wis. $525,000,000
12/5/2008 Superior Bancorp Inc. Birmingham Ala. $69,000,000
12/5/2008 Manhattan Bancorp El Segundo Calif. $1,700,000
12/5/2008 East West Bancorp Pasadena Calif. $306,546,000
12/5/2008 Cathay General Bancorp Los Angeles Calif. $258,000,000
12/5/2008 CVB Financial Corp Ontario Calif. $130,000,000
12/5/2008 Bank of Marin Bancorp Novato Calif. $28,000,000
12/5/2008 Oak Valley Bancorp Oakdale Calif. $13,500,000
12/5/2008 Coastal Banking Company, Inc. Fernandina Beach Fla. $9,950,000
12/5/2008 TIB Financial Corp Naples Fla. $37,000,000
12/5/2008 FPB Bancorp, Inc. Port St. Lucie Fla. $5,800,000
12/5/2008 United Community Banks, Inc. Blairsville Ga. $180,000,000
12/5/2008 MB Financial Inc. Chicago Ill. $196,000,000
12/5/2008 First Midwest Bancorp, Inc. Itasca Ill. $193,000,000
12/5/2008 Old National Bancorp Evansville Ind. $100,000,000
12/5/2008 Blue Valley Ban Corp Overland Park Kan. $21,750,000
12/5/2008 Iberiabank Corporation Lafayette La. $90,000,000
12/5/2008 Central Bancorp, Inc. Somerville Mass. $10,000,000
12/5/2008 Eagle Bancorp, Inc. Bethesda Md. $38,235,000
12/5/2008 Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc. Olney Md. $83,094,000
12/5/2008 Old Line Bancshares, Inc. Bowie Md. $7,000,000
12/5/2008 Great Southern Bancorp Springfield Mo. $58,000,000
12/5/2008 Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc. Poplar Bluff Mo. $9,550,000
12/5/2008 Southern Community Financial Corp. Winston-Salem N.C. $42,750,000
12/5/2008 Bank of North Carolina Thomasville N.C. $31,260,000
12/5/2008 Unity Bancorp, Inc. Clinton N.J. $20,649,000
12/5/2008 State Bancorp, Inc. Jericho N.Y. $36,842,000
12/5/2008 First Defiance Financial Corp. Defiance Ohio $37,000,000
12/5/2008 Central Federal Corporation Fairlawn Ohio $7,225,000
12/5/2008 Southwest Bancorp, Inc. Stillwater Okla. $70,000,000
12/5/2008 Popular, Inc. San Juan Puerto Rico $935,000,000
12/5/2008 South Financial Group, Inc. Greenville S.C. $347,000,000
12/5/2008 First Financial Holdings Inc. Charleston S.C. $65,000,000
12/5/2008 Encore Bancshares Inc. Houston Texas $34,000,000
12/5/2008 Wesbanco Bank Inc. Wheeling W.Va. $75,000,000
12/5/2008 Sterling Financial Corporation Spokane Wash. $303,000,000
12/12/2008 Bank Of the Ozarks Inc. Little Rock Ariz. $75,000,000
12/12/2008 SVB Financial Group Santa Clara Calif. $235,000,000
12/12/2008 Center Financial Corp. Los Angeles Calif. $55,000,000
12/12/2008 Wilshire Bancorp Inc. Los Angeles Calif. $62,158,000
12/12/2008 First Litchfield Financial Corp. Litchfield Conn. $10,000,000
12/12/2008 Wilmington Trust Corp. Wilmington Del. $330,000,000
12/12/2008 The Bancorp Inc. Wilmington Del. $45,220,000
12/12/2008 Indiana Community Bancorp Columbus Ind. $21,500,000
12/12/2008 HopFed Bancorp Hopkinsville Ky. $18,400,000
12/12/2008 LSB Corp. Andover Mass. $15,000,000
12/12/2008 Northeast Bancorp Lewiston Maine $4,227,000
12/12/2008 Citizens Republic Bancorp Inc. Flint Mich. $300,000,000
12/12/2008 Independent Bank Corp. Ionia Mich. $72,000,000
12/12/2008 Capital Bank Corp. Raliegh N.C. $41,279,000
12/12/2008 NewBridge Bancorp Greensboro N.C. $52,372,000
12/12/2008 Citizens South Banking Corp. Gastonia N.C. $20,500,000
12/12/2008 Signature Bank New York N.Y. $120,000,000
12/12/2008 LNB Bancorp Inc. Lorain Ohio $25,223,000
12/12/2008 Susquehanna Bancshares Inc. Lititz Pa. $300,000,000
12/12/2008 National Penn Bancshares Inc. Boyertown Pa. $150,000,000
12/12/2008 Fidelity Bancorp Inc. Pittsburgh Pa. $7,000,000
12/12/2008 Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc. Nashville Tenn. $95,000,000
12/12/2008 Sterling Bancshares Inc. Houston Texas $125,198,000
12/12/2008 TowneBank Portsmouth Va. $76,458,000
12/12/2008 Valley Financial Corp. Roanoke Va. $16,019,000
12/12/2008 Virginia Commerce Bancorp Arlington Va. $71,000,000
12/12/2008 Pacific International Bancorp Seattle Wash. $6,500,000
12/19/2008 BancTrust Financial Group, Inc. Mobile Ala. $50,000,000
12/19/2008 Community West Bancshares Goleta Calif. $15,600,000
12/19/2008 Summit State Bank Santa Rosa Calif. $8,500,000
12/19/2008 Santa Lucia Bancorp Atascadero Calif. $4,000,000
12/19/2008 First California Financial Group, Inc Westlake Village Calif. $25,000,000
12/19/2008 Pacific City Finacial Corporation Los Angeles Calif. $16,200,000
12/19/2008 Exchange Bank Santa Rosa Calif. $43,000,000
12/19/2008 NCAL Bancorp Los Angeles Calif. $10,000,000
12/19/2008 CoBiz Financial Inc. Denver Colo. $64,450,000
12/19/2008 The Connecticut Bank and Trust Company Hartford Conn. $5,448,000
12/19/2008 Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida Stuart Fla. $50,000,000
12/19/2008 Synovus Financial Corp. Columbus Ga. $967,870,000
12/19/2008 Fidelity Southern Corporation Atlanta Ga. $48,200,000
12/19/2008 Heartland Financial USA, Inc. Dubuque Iowa $81,698,000
12/19/2008 Intermountain Community Bancorp Sandpoint Idaho $27,000,000
12/19/2008 Wintrust Financial Corporation Lake Forest Ill. $250,000,000
12/19/2008 Marquette National Corporation Chicago Ill. $35,500,000
12/19/2008 Bridgeview Bancorp, Inc. Bridgeview Ill. $38,000,000
12/19/2008 Horizon Bancorp Michigan City Ind. $25,000,000
12/19/2008 FFW Corporation Wabash Ind. $7,289,000
12/19/2008 Fidelity Financial Corporation Wichita Kan. $36,282,000
12/19/2008 Citizens First Corporation Bowling Green Ky. $8,779,000
12/19/2008 FCB Bancorp, Inc. Louisville Ky. $9,294,000
12/19/2008 Whitney Holding Corporation New Orleans La. $300,000,000
12/19/2008 Wainwright Bank & Trust Company Boston Mass. $22,000,000
12/19/2008 Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. Pittsfield Mass. $40,000,000
12/19/2008 OneUnited Bank Boston Mass. $12,063,000
12/19/2008 Tri-County Financial Corporation Waldorf Md. $15,540,000
12/19/2008 Patapsco Bancorp, Inc. Dundalk Md. $6,000,000
12/19/2008 Enterprise Financial Services Corp. St. Louis Mo. $35,000,000
12/19/2008 Hawthorn Bancshares, Inc. Lee’s Summit Mo. $30,255,000
12/19/2008 Monadnock Bancorp, Inc. Peterborough N.H. $1,834,000
12/19/2008 Flushing Financial Corporation Lake Success N.Y. $70,000,000
12/19/2008 The Elmira Savings Bank, FSB Elmira N.Y. $9,090,000
12/19/2008 Alliance Financial Corporation Syracuse N.Y. $26,918,000
12/19/2008 Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc. Millersburg Pa. $10,000,000
12/19/2008 VIST Financial Corp. Wyomissing Pa. $25,000,000
12/19/2008 AmeriServ Financial, Inc Johnstown Pa. $21,000,000
12/19/2008 Bancorp Rhode Island, Inc. Providence R.I. $30,000,000
12/19/2008 Security Federal Corporation Aiken S.C. $18,000,000
12/19/2008 Tidelands Bancshares, Inc Mt. Pleasant S.C. $14,448,000
12/19/2008 Tennessee Commerce Bancorp, Inc. Franklin Tenn. $30,000,000
12/19/2008 Plains Capital Corporation Dallas Texas $87,631,000
12/19/2008 Patriot Bancshares, Inc. Houston Texas $26,038,000
12/19/2008 Community Bankers Trust Corporation Glen Allen Va. $17,680,000
12/19/2008 Community Financial Corporation Staunton Va. $12,643,000
12/19/2008 Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc. Chesapeake Va. $14,700,000
12/19/2008 StellarOne Corporation Charlottesville Va. $30,000,000
12/19/2008 Union Bankshares Corporation Bowling Green Va. $59,000,000
12/23/2008 First Financial Bancorp Cincinnati Ohio $80,000,000
12/23/2008 Bridge Capital Holdings San Jose Calif. $23,864,000
12/23/2008 International Bancshares Corporation Laredo Texas $216,000,000
12/23/2008 First Sound Bank Seattle Wash. $7,400,000
12/23/2008 M&T Bank Corporation Buffalo N.Y. $600,000,000
12/23/2008 Emclaire Financial Corp. Emlenton Pa. $7,500,000
12/23/2008 Park National Corporation Newark Ohio $100,000,000
12/23/2008 Green Bankshares, Inc. Greeneville Tenn. $72,278,000
12/23/2008 Cecil Bancorp, Inc. Elkton Md. $11,560,000
12/23/2008 Financial Institutions, Inc. Warsaw N.Y. $37,515,000
12/23/2008 Fulton Financial Corporation Lancaster Pa. $376,500,000
12/23/2008 United Bancorporation of Alabama, Inc. Atmore Ala. $10,300,000
12/23/2008 MutualFirst Financial, Inc. Muncie Ind. $32,382,000
12/23/2008 BCSB Bancorp, Inc. Baltimore Md. $10,800,000
12/23/2008 HMN Financial, Inc. Rochester Minn. $26,000,000
12/23/2008 First Community Bank Corporation of America Pinellas Park Fla. $10,685,000
12/23/2008 Sterling Bancorp New York N.Y. $42,000,000
12/23/2008 Intervest Bancshares Corporation New York N.Y. $25,000,000
12/23/2008 Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina, Inc. Newton N.C. $25,054,000
12/23/2008 Parkvale Financial Corporation Monroeville Pa. $31,762,000
12/23/2008 Timberland Bancorp, Inc. Hoquiam Wash. $16,641,000
12/23/2008 1st Constitution Bancorp Cranbury N.J. $12,000,000
12/23/2008 Central Jersey Bancorp Oakhurst N.J. $11,300,000
12/23/2008 Western Illinois Bancshares Inc. Monmouth Ill. $6,855,000
12/23/2008 Saigon National Bank Westminster Calif. $1,549,000
12/23/2008 Capital Pacific Bancorp Portland Ore. $4,000,000
12/23/2008 Uwharrie Capital Corp Albemarle N.C. $10,000,000
12/23/2008 Mission Valley Bancorp Sun Valley Calif. $5,500,000
12/23/2008 The Little Bank, Incorporated Kinston N.C. $7,500,000
12/23/2008 Pacific Commerce Bank Los Angeles Calif. $4,060,000
12/23/2008 Citizens Community Bank South Hill Va. $3,000,000
12/23/2008 Seacoast Commerce Bank Chula Vista Calif. $1,800,000
12/23/2008 TCNB Financial Corp. Dayton Ohio $2,000,000
12/23/2008 Leader Bancorp, Inc. Arlington Mass. $5,830,000
12/23/2008 Nicolet Bankshares, Inc. Green Bay Wis. $14,964,000
12/23/2008 Magna Bank Memphis Tenn. $13,795,000
12/23/2008 Western Community Bancshares, Inc. Palm Desert Calif. $7,290,000
12/23/2008 Community Investors Bancorp, Inc. Bucyrus Ohio $2,600,000
12/23/2008 Capital Bancorp, Inc. Rockville Md. $4,700,000
12/23/2008 Cache Valley Banking Company Logan Utah $4,767,000
12/23/2008 Citizens Bancorp Nevada City Calif. $10,400,000
12/23/2008 Tennessee Valley Financial Holdings, Inc. Oak Ridge Tenn. $3,000,000
12/31/2008 SunTrust Banks, Inc. Atlanta Ga. $1,350,000,000
12/31/2008 West Bancorporation, Inc. West Des Moines Iowa $36,000,000
12/31/2008 First Banks, Inc. Clayton Mo. $295,400,000
12/31/2008 CIT Group Inc. New York N.Y. $2,330,000,000
12/31/2008 Fifth Third Bancorp Cincinnati Ohio $3,408,000,000
12/31/2008 The PNC Financial Services Group Inc. Pittsburgh Pa. $7,579,200,000
12/31/2008 Hampton Roads Bankshares, Inc. Norfolk Va. $80,347,000
1/9/2009 Commerce National Bank Newport Beach Calif. $5,000,000
1/9/2009 Security California Bancorp Riverside Calif. $6,815,000
1/9/2009 Security Business Bancorp San Diego Calif. $5,803,000
1/9/2009 Mission Community Bancorp San Luis Obispo Calif. $5,116,000
1/9/2009 Valley Community Bank Pleasanton Calif. $5,500,000
1/9/2009 Colony Bankcorp, Inc. Fitzgerald Ga. $28,000,000
1/9/2009 The Queensborough Company Louisville Ga. $12,000,000
1/9/2009 Central Pacific Financial Corp. Honolulu Hawaii $135,000,000
1/9/2009 North Central Bancshares, Inc. Fort Dodge Iowa $10,200,000
1/9/2009 American State Bancshares, Inc. Great Bend Kan. $6,000,000
1/9/2009 Farmers Capital Bank Corporation Frankfort Ky. $30,000,000
1/9/2009 First Financial Service Corporation Elizabethtown Ky. $20,000,000
1/9/2009 MidSouth Bancorp, Inc. Lafayette La. $20,000,000
1/9/2009 Community Trust Financial Corporation Ruston La. $24,000,000
1/9/2009 Independent Bank Corp. Rockland Mass. $78,158,000
1/9/2009 Shore Bancshares, Inc. Easton Md. $25,000,000
1/9/2009 Rising Sun Bancorp Rising Sun Md. $5,983,000
1/9/2009 The First Bancorp, Inc. Damariscotta Maine $25,000,000
1/9/2009 Redwood Financial Inc. Redwood Falls Minn. $2,995,000
1/9/2009 Centrue Financial Corporation St. Louis Mo. $32,668,000
1/9/2009 Cadence Financial Corporation Starkville Miss. $44,000,000
1/9/2009 Bank of America Corp. (Footnote 1) Charlotte N.C. $10,000,000,000
1/9/2009 Crescent Financial Corporation Cary N.C. $24,900,000
1/9/2009 Carolina Bank Holdings, Inc. Greensboro N.C. $16,000,000
1/9/2009 First Bancorp Troy N.C. $65,000,000
1/9/2009 Sound Banking Company Morehead City N.C. $3,070,000
1/9/2009 Surrey Bancorp Mount Airy N.C. $2,000,000
1/9/2009 Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corporation Gladstone N.J. $28,685,000
1/9/2009 Sun Bancorp, Inc. Vineland N.J. $89,310,000
1/9/2009 Center Bancorp, Inc. Union N.J. $10,000,000
1/9/2009 American Express Company New York N.Y. $3,388,890,000
1/9/2009 New York Private Bank & Trust Corporation New York N.Y. $267,274,000
1/9/2009 FirstMerit Corporation Akron Ohio $125,000,000
1/9/2009 LCNB Corp. Lebanon Ohio $13,400,000
1/9/2009 F.N.B. Corporation Hermitage Pa. $100,000,000
1/9/2009 Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc. York Pa. $16,500,000
1/9/2009 Independence Bank East Greenwich R.I. $1,065,000
1/9/2009 GrandSouth Bancorporation Greenville S.C. $9,000,000
1/9/2009 Congaree Bancshares, Inc. Cayce S.C. $3,285,000
1/9/2009 First Security Group, Inc. Chattanooga Tenn. $33,000,000
1/9/2009 Texas National Bancorporation Jacksonville Texas $3,981,000
1/9/2009 Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc. Tappahannock Va. $24,000,000
1/9/2009 C&F Financial Corporation West Point Va. $20,000,000
1/16/2009 Home Bancshares, Inc. Conway Ark $50,000,000
1/16/2009 Southern Bancorp, Inc. Arkadelphia Ark. $11,000,000
1/16/2009 Community 1st Bank Roseville Calif. $2,550,000
1/16/2009 Pacific Coast National Bancorp San Clemente Calif. $4,120,000
1/16/2009 Community Bank of the Bay Oakland Calif. $1,747,000
1/16/2009 Redwood Capital Bancorp Eureka Calif. $3,800,000
1/16/2009 Syringa Bancorp Boise Idaho $8,000,000
1/16/2009 Idaho Bancorp Boise Idaho $6,900,000
1/16/2009 Old Second Bancorp, Inc. Aurora Ill. $73,000,000
1/16/2009 First Bankers Trustshares, Inc. Quincy Ill. $10,000,000
1/16/2009 MainSource Financial Group, Inc. Greensburg Ind. $57,000,000
1/16/2009 Morrill Bancshares, Inc. Merriam Kan. $13,000,000
1/16/2009 Bar Harbor Bankshares/Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Bar Harbor Maine $18,751,000
1/16/2009 United Bancorp, Inc. Tecumseh Mich. $20,600,000
1/16/2009 Pulaski Financial Corp Creve Coeur Mo. $32,538,000
1/16/2009 Dickinson Financial Corporation II Kansas City Mont. $146,053,000
1/16/2009 ECB Bancorp, Inc./East Carolina Bank Engelhard N.C. $17,949,000
1/16/2009 Yadkin Valley Financial Corporation Elkin N.C. $36,000,000
1/16/2009 Bank of Commerce Charlotte N.C. $3,000,000
1/16/2009 State Bankshares, Inc. Fargo N.D. $50,000,000
1/16/2009 BNCCORP, Inc. Bismarck N.D. $20,093,000
1/16/2009 New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares, Inc. Newport N.H. $10,000,000
1/16/2009 Somerset Hills Bancorp Bernardsville N.J. $7,414,000
1/16/2009 OceanFirst Financial Corp. Toms River N.J. $38,263,000
1/16/2009 Carver Bancorp, Inc New York N.Y. $18,980,000
1/16/2009 S&T Bancorp Indiana Pa. $108,676,000
1/16/2009 Citizens & Northern Corporation Wellsboro Pa. $26,440,000
1/16/2009 First BanCorp San Juan Puerto Rico $400,000,000
1/16/2009 SCBT Financial Corporation Columbia S.C. $64,779,000
1/16/2009 Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. Dallas Texas $75,000,000
1/16/2009 MetroCorp Bancshares, Inc. Houston Texas $45,000,000
1/16/2009 TCB Holding Company, Texas Community Bank The Woodlands Texas $11,730,000
1/16/2009 Treaty Oak Bancorp, Inc. Austin Texas $3,268,000
1/16/2009 United Financial Banking Companies, Inc. Vienna Va. $5,658,000
1/16/2009 Centra Financial Holdings, Inc./Centra Bank, Inc. Morgantown W.Va. $15,000,000
1/16/2009 Washington Banking Company / Whidbey Island Bank Oak Harbor Wash. $26,380,000
1/16/2009 Puget Sound Bank Bellevue Wash. $4,500,000
1/16/2009 The Baraboo Bancorporation Baraboo Wis. $20,749,000
1/16/2009 First Manitowoc Bancorp, Inc. Manitowoc Wis. $12,000,000
1/22/2009 Liberty Bancshares, Inc. Jonesboro Ark. $57,500,000
1/22/2009 Commonwealth Business Bank Los Angeles Calif. $7,701,000
1/22/2009 CalWest Bancorp Rancho Santa Margarita Calif. $4,656,000
1/22/2009 Fresno First Bank Fresno Calif. $1,968,000
1/22/2009 First ULB Corp. Oakland Calif. $4,900,000
1/22/2009 California Oaks State Bank Thousand Oaks Calif. $3,300,000
1/22/2009 WSFS Financial Corporation Wilmington Del. $52,625,000
1/22/2009 Seaside National Bank & Trust Orlando Fla. $5,677,000
1/22/2009 Alarion Financial Services, Inc. Ocala Fla. $6,514,000
1/22/2009 Princeton National Bancorp, Inc. Princeton Ill. $25,083,000
1/22/2009 Midland States Bancorp, Inc. Effingham Ill. $10,189,000
1/22/2009 Southern Illinois Bancorp, Inc. Carmi Ill. $5,000,000
1/22/2009 1st Source Corporation South Bend Ind. $111,000,000
1/22/2009 FPB Financial Corp. Hammond La. $3,240,000
1/22/2009 Crosstown Holding Company Blaine Minn. $10,650,000
1/22/2009 BankFirst Capital Corporation Macon Miss. $15,500,000
1/22/2009 Calvert Financial Corporation Ashland Mo. $1,037,000
1/22/2009 AB&T Financial Corporation Gastonia N.C. $3,500,000
1/22/2009 First Citizens Banc Corp Sandusky Ohio $23,184,000
1/22/2009 Stonebridge Financial Corp. West Chester Pa. $10,973,000
1/22/2009 Moscow Bancshares, Inc. Moscow Tenn. $6,216,000
1/22/2009 Farmers Bank Windsor Va. $8,752,000
1/22/2009 Pierce County Bancorp Tacoma Wash. $6,800,000
1/30/2009 Goldwater Bank, N.A. Scottsdale Ariz. $2,568,000
1/30/2009 Rogers Bancshares, Inc. Little Rock Ark. $25,000,000
1/30/2009 Peninsula Bank Holding Co. Palo Alto Calif. $6,000,000
1/30/2009 Central Valley Community Bancorp Fresno Calif. $7,000,000
1/30/2009 Plumas Bancorp Quincy Calif. $11,949,000
1/30/2009 Valley Commerce Bancorp Visalia Calif. $7,700,000
1/30/2009 Ojai Community Bank Ojai Calif. $2,080,000
1/30/2009 Beach Business Bank Manhattan Beach Calif. $6,000,000
1/30/2009 Bankers’ Bank of tde West Bancorp, Inc. Denver Colo. $12,639,000
1/30/2009 First Soutdern Bancorp, Inc. Boca Raton Fla. $10,900,000
1/30/2009 Metro City Bank Doraville Ga. $7,700,000
1/30/2009 PrivateBancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $243,815,000
1/30/2009 AMB Financial Corp. Munster Ind. $3,674,000
1/30/2009 UBT Bancshares, Inc. Marysville Kan. $8,950,000
1/30/2009 Equity Bancshares, Inc. Wichita Kan. $8,750,000
1/30/2009 Katahdin Bankshares Corp. Houlton Maine $10,449,000
1/30/2009 First United Corporation Oakland Md. $30,000,000
1/30/2009 Annapolis Bancorp, Inc. Annapolis Md. $8,152,000
1/30/2009 Monument Bank Betdesda Md. $4,734,000
1/30/2009 Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. Troy Mich. $266,657,000
1/30/2009 Firstbank Corporation Alma Mich. $33,000,000
1/30/2009 Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc. Springfield Mo. $17,000,000
1/30/2009 Oak Ridge Financial Services, Inc. Oak Ridge N.C. $7,700,000
1/30/2009 Nortdway Financial, Inc. Berlin N.H. $10,000,000
1/30/2009 Parke Bancorp, Inc. Sewell N.J. $16,288,000
1/30/2009 Stewardship Financial Corporation Midland Park N.J. $10,000,000
1/30/2009 Community Partners Bancorp Middletown N.J. $9,000,000
1/30/2009 Hilltop Community Bancorp, Inc. Summit N.J. $4,000,000
1/30/2009 Adbanc, Inc Ogallala Neb. $12,720,000
1/30/2009 Country Bank Shares, Inc. Milford Neb. $7,525,000
1/30/2009 Peoples Bancorp Inc. Marietta Ohio $39,000,000
1/30/2009 DNB Financial Corporation Downingtown Pa. $11,750,000
1/30/2009 First Resource Bank Exton Pa. $2,600,000
1/30/2009 Greer Bancshares Incorporated Greer S.C. $9,993,000
1/30/2009 F & M Bancshares, Inc. Trezevant Tenn. $4,609,000
1/30/2009 Central Bancshares, Inc. Houston Texas $5,800,000
1/30/2009 Central Virginia Bankshares, Inc. Powhatan Va. $11,385,000
1/30/2009 Middleburg Financial Corporation Middleburg Va. $22,000,000
1/30/2009 WashingtonFirst Bank Reston Va. $6,633,000
1/30/2009 W.T.B. Financial Corporation Spokane Wash. $110,000,000
1/30/2009 Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Inc. Madison Wis. $110,000,000
1/30/2009 Legacy Bancorp, Inc. Milwaukee Wis. $5,498,000
2/6/2009 Alaska Pacific Bancshares, Inc. Juneau Alaska $4,781,000
2/6/2009 US Metro Bank Garden Grove Calif. $2,861,000
2/6/2009 First Western Financial, Inc. Denver Colo. $8,559,000
2/6/2009 Community Holding Company of Florida, Inc. Miramar Beach Fla. $1,050,000
2/6/2009 Georgia Commerce Bancshares, Inc. Atlanta Ga. $8,700,000
2/6/2009 PGB Holdings, Inc. Chicago Ill. $3,000,000
2/6/2009 MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc. Iowa City Iowa $16,000,000
2/6/2009 The Freeport State Bank Harper Kan. $301,000
2/6/2009 Citizens Commerce Bancshares, Inc. Versailles Ky. $6,300,000
2/6/2009 Todd Bancshares, Inc. Hopkinsville Ky. $4,000,000
2/6/2009 Liberty Financial Services, Inc. New Orleans La. $5,645,000
2/6/2009 Mercantile Capital Corp. Boston Mass. $3,500,000
2/6/2009 Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc. Coldwater Mich. $6,785,000
2/6/2009 The First Bancshares, Inc. Hattiesburg Miss. $5,000,000
2/6/2009 Carolina Trust Bank Lincolnton N.C. $4,000,000
2/6/2009 F & M Financial Corporation Salisbury N.C. $17,000,000
2/6/2009 The Bank of Currituck Moyock N.C. $4,021,000
2/6/2009 Centrix Bank & Trust Bedford N.H. $7,500,000
2/6/2009 Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. Oak Ridge N.J. $59,000,000
2/6/2009 Pascack Community Bank Westwood N.J. $3,756,000
2/6/2009 First Express of Nebraska, Inc. Gering Neb. $5,000,000
2/6/2009 Banner County Ban Corporation Harrisburg Neb. $795,000
2/6/2009 Hyperion Bank Philadelphia Pa. $1,552,000
2/6/2009 Stockmens Financial Corporation Rapid City S.D. $15,568,000
2/6/2009 CedarStone Bank Lebanon Tenn. $3,564,000
2/6/2009 Lone Star Bank Houston Texas $3,072,000
2/6/2009 First Market Bank, FSB Richmond Va. $33,900,000
2/6/2009 First Bank of Charleston, Inc. Charleston W.Va. $3,345,000
2/13/2009 Corning Savings and Loan Association Corning Ark. $638,000
2/13/2009 Westamerica Bancorporation San Rafael Calif. $83,726,000
2/13/2009 1st Enterprise Bank Los Angeles Calif. $4,400,000
2/13/2009 Santa Clara Valley Bank, N.A. Santa Paula Calif. $2,900,000
2/13/2009 First Choice Bank Cerritos Calif. $2,200,000
2/13/2009 ColoEast Bankshares, Inc. Lamar Colo. $10,000,000
2/13/2009 QCR Holdings, Inc. Moline Ill. $38,237,000
2/13/2009 Bern Bancshares, Inc. Bern Kan. $985,000
2/13/2009 The Bank of Kentucky Financial Corporation Crestview Hills Ky. $34,000,000
2/13/2009 Hometown Bancshares, Inc. Corbin Ky. $1,900,000
2/13/2009 Carrollton Bancorp Baltimore Md. $9,201,000
2/13/2009 State Capital Corporation Greenwood Miss. $15,000,000
2/13/2009 DeSoto County Bank Horn Lake Miss. $1,173,000
2/13/2009 Security Bancshares of Pulaski County, Inc. Waynesville Mo. $2,152,000
2/13/2009 Reliance Bancshares, Inc. Frontenac Mo. $40,000,000
2/13/2009 Gregg Bancshares, Inc. Ozark Mo. $825,000
2/13/2009 Midwest Regional Bancorp, Inc. Festus Mo. $700,000
2/13/2009 Liberty Bancshares, Inc. Springfield Mo. $21,900,000
2/13/2009 FNB United Corp. Asheboro N.C. $51,500,000
2/13/2009 PremierWest Bancorp Medford Ore. $41,400,000
2/13/2009 Meridian Bank Devon Pa. $6,200,000
2/13/2009 BankGreenville Greenville S.C. $1,000,000
2/13/2009 Regional Bankshares, Inc. Hartsville S.C. $1,500,000
2/13/2009 F&M Financial Corp. Clarksville Tenn. $17,243,000
2/13/2009 Peoples Bancorp Lynden Wash. $18,000,000
2/13/2009 Northwest Bancorporation, Inc. Spokane Wash. $10,500,000
2/13/2009 Northwest Commercial Bank Lakewood Wash. $1,992,000
2/13/2009 First Menasha Bancshares, Inc. Neenah Wis. $4,797,000
2/13/2009 Financial Security Corporation Basin Wyo. $5,000,000
2/20/2009 Hometown Bancorp of Alabama, Inc. Oneonta Ala. $3,250,000
2/20/2009 White River Bancshares Company Fayetteville Ark. $16,800,000
2/20/2009 Sonoma Valley Bancorp Sonoma Calif. $8,653,000
2/20/2009 The Private Bank of California Los Angeles Calif. $5,450,000
2/20/2009 United American Bank San Mateo Calif. $8,700,000
2/20/2009 Premier Service Bank Riverside Calif. $4,000,000
2/20/2009 Florida Business BancGroup, Inc. Tampa Fla. $9,495,000
2/20/2009 Liberty Shares, Inc. Hinesville Ga. $17,280,000
2/20/2009 CBB Bancorp Cartersville Ga. $2,644,000
2/20/2009 Hamilton State Bancshares, Inc. Hoschton Ga. $7,000,000
2/20/2009 Northern States Financial Corporation Waukegan Ill. $17,211,000
2/20/2009 First BancTrust Corporation Paris Ill. $7,350,000
2/20/2009 First Merchants Corporation Muncie Ind. $116,000,000
2/20/2009 Market Bancorporation, Inc. New Market Minn. $2,060,000
2/20/2009 Lafayette Bancorp, Inc. Oxford Miss. $1,998,000
2/20/2009 BancPlus Corporation Ridgeland Miss. $48,000,000
2/20/2009 Security State Bancshares, Inc. Charleston Mont. $12,500,000
2/20/2009 Guaranty Bancorp, Inc. Woodsville N.H. $6,920,000
2/20/2009 Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc. Narberth Pa. $30,407,000
2/20/2009 First Priority Financial Corp. Malvern Pa. $4,579,000
2/20/2009 Central Community Corporation Temple Texas $22,000,000
2/20/2009 Mid-Wisconsin Financial Services, Inc. Medford Wis. $10,000,000
2/20/2009 Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp, Inc. Buffalo Wyo. $3,100,000
2/27/2009 California Bank of Commerce Lafayette Calif. $4,000,000
2/27/2009 Community Business Bank West Sacramento Calif. $3,976,000
2/27/2009 FNB Bancorp South San Francisco Calif. $12,000,000
2/27/2009 California Bank of Commerce Lafayette Calif. $4,000,000
2/27/2009 Community Business Bank West Sacramento Calif. $3,976,000
2/27/2009 FNB Bancorp South San Francisco Calif. $12,000,000
2/27/2009 Columbine Capital Corp. Buena Vista Colo. $2,260,000
2/27/2009 Columbine Capital Corp. Buena Vista Colo. $2,260,000
2/27/2009 BNC Financial Group, Inc. New Canaan Conn. $4,797,000
2/27/2009 BNC Financial Group, Inc. New Canaan Conn. $4,797,000
2/27/2009 Midtown Bank & Trust Company Atlanta Ga. $5,222,000
2/27/2009 Midtown Bank & Trust Company Atlanta Ga. $5,222,000
2/27/2009 D.L. Evans Bancorp Burley Idaho $19,891,000
2/27/2009 D.L. Evans Bancorp Burley Idaho $19,891,000
2/27/2009 Lakeland Financial Corporation Warsaw Ind. $56,044,000
2/27/2009 Integra Bank Corporation Evansville Ind. $83,586,000
2/27/2009 Lakeland Financial Corporation Warsaw Ind. $56,044,000
2/27/2009 Integra Bank Corporation Evansville Ind. $83,586,000
2/27/2009 National Bancshares, Inc. Bettendorf Iowa $24,664,000
2/27/2009 Green Circle Investments, Inc. Clive Iowa $2,400,000
2/27/2009 National Bancshares, Inc. Bettendorf Iowa $24,664,000
2/27/2009 Green Circle Investments, Inc. Clive Iowa $2,400,000
2/27/2009 PSB Financial Corporation Many La. $9,270,000
2/27/2009 PSB Financial Corporation Many La. $9,270,000
2/27/2009 Howard Bancorp, Inc. Ellicott City Md. $5,983,000
2/27/2009 Howard Bancorp, Inc. Ellicott City Md. $5,983,000
2/27/2009 Private Bancorporation, Inc. Minneapolis Minn. $4,960,000
2/27/2009 Private Bancorporation, Inc. Minneapolis Minn. $4,960,000
2/27/2009 First M&F Corporation Kosciusko Miss. $30,000,000
2/27/2009 First M&F Corporation Kosciusko Miss. $30,000,000
2/27/2009 Green City Bancshares, Inc. Green City Mo. $651,000
2/27/2009 Green City Bancshares, Inc. Green City Mo. $651,000
2/27/2009 Catskill Hudson Bancorp, Inc Rock Hill N.Y. $3,000,000
2/27/2009 Catskill Hudson Bancorp, Inc Rock Hill N.Y. $3,000,000
2/27/2009 First Gothenburg Bancshares, Inc. Gothenburg Neb. $7,570,000
2/27/2009 First Gothenburg Bancshares, Inc. Gothenburg Neb. $7,570,000
2/27/2009 Regent Capital Corporation Nowata Okla. $2,655,000
2/27/2009 Regent Capital Corporation Nowata Okla. $2,655,000
2/27/2009 TriState Capital Holdings, Inc. Pittsburgh Pa. $23,000,000
2/27/2009 The Victory Bank Limerick Pa. $541,000
2/27/2009 TriState Capital Holdings, Inc. Pittsburgh Pa. $23,000,000
2/27/2009 The Victory Bank Limerick Pa. $541,000
2/27/2009 Southern First Bancshares, Inc. Greenville S.C. $17,299,000
2/27/2009 Southern First Bancshares, Inc. Greenville S.C. $17,299,000
2/27/2009 Community First Inc. Columbia Tenn. $17,806,000
2/27/2009 Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc. Nashville Tenn. $7,400,000
2/27/2009 Community First Inc. Columbia Tenn. $17,806,000
2/27/2009 Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc. Nashville Tenn. $7,400,000
2/27/2009 First State Bank of Mobeetie Mobeetie Texas $731,000
2/27/2009 Central Bancorp, Inc. Garland Texas $22,500,000
2/27/2009 First State Bank of Mobeetie Mobeetie Texas $731,000
2/27/2009 Central Bancorp, Inc. Garland Texas $22,500,000
2/27/2009 Medallion Bank Salt Lake City Utah $11,800,000
2/27/2009 Medallion Bank Salt Lake City Utah $11,800,000
2/27/2009 Ridgestone Financial Services, Inc. Brookfield Wis. $10,900,000
2/27/2009 Ridgestone Financial Services, Inc. Brookfield Wis. $10,900,000
3/6/2009 First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc. Harrison Ark. $16,500,000
3/6/2009 ICB Financial Ontario Calif. $6,000,000
3/6/2009 First Southwest Bancorporation, Inc. Alamosa Colo. $5,500,000
3/6/2009 Highlands Independent Bancshares, Inc. Sebring Fla. $6,700,000
3/6/2009 Pinnacle Bank Holding Company, Inc. Orange City Fla. $4,389,000
3/6/2009 Marine Bank & Trust Company Vero Beach Fla. $3,000,000
3/6/2009 Regent Bancorp, Inc. Davie Fla. $9,982,000
3/6/2009 Citizens Bancshares Corporation Atlanta Ga. $7,462,000
3/6/2009 PeoplesSouth Bancshares, Inc. Colquitt Ga. $12,325,000
3/6/2009 First Busey Corporation Urbana Ill. $100,000,000
3/6/2009 Blue River Bancshares, Inc. Shelbyville Ind. $5,000,000
3/6/2009 Community Bancshares of Kansas, Inc. Goff Kan. $500,000
3/6/2009 Blue Ridge Bancshares, Inc. Independence Mo. $12,000,000
3/6/2009 AmeriBank Holding Company Collinsville Okla. $2,492,000
3/6/2009 HCSB Financial Corporation Loris S.C. $12,895,000
3/6/2009 First Reliance Bancshares, Inc. Florence S.C. $15,349,000
3/6/2009 Merchants and Planters Bancshares, Inc. Toone Tenn. $1,881,000
3/6/2009 Germantown Capital Corporation, Inc. Germantown Tenn. $4,967,000
3/6/2009 First Texas BHC, Inc. Fort Worth Texas $13,533,000
3/6/2009 Farmers & Merchants Bancshares, Inc. Houston Texas $11,000,000
3/6/2009 BOH Holdings, Inc. Houston Texas $10,000,000
3/6/2009 Park Bancorporation, Inc. Madison Wis. $23,200,000
3/13/2009 BancIndependent, Inc. Sheffield Ala. $21,100,000
3/13/2009 First Northern Community Bancorp Dixon Calif. $17,390,000
3/13/2009 Salisbury Bancorp, Inc. Lakeville Conn. $8,816,000
3/13/2009 1st United Bancorp, Inc. Boca Raton Fla. $10,000,000
3/13/2009 First Intercontinental Bank Doraville Ga. $6,398,000
3/13/2009 Discover Financial Services Riverwoods Ill. $1,224,558,000
3/13/2009 Butler Point, Inc. Catlin Ill. $607,000
3/13/2009 Haviland Bancshares, Inc. Haviland Kan. $425,000
3/13/2009 Madison Financial Corporation Richmond Ky. $3,370,000
3/13/2009 St. Johns Bancshares, Inc. St. Louis Mo. $3,000,000
3/13/2009 First American International Corp. Brooklyn N.Y. $17,000,000
3/13/2009 IBW Financial Corporation Washington DC n/a $6,000,000
3/13/2009 Bank of George Las Vegas Nev. $2,672,000
3/13/2009 First Place Financial Corp. Warren Ohio $72,927,000
3/13/2009 Provident Community Bancshares, Inc. Rock Hill S.C. $9,266,000
3/13/2009 Moneytree Corporation Lenoir City Tenn. $9,516,000
3/13/2009 Sovereign Bancshares, Inc. Dallas Texas $18,215,000
3/13/2009 First National Corporation Strasburg Va. $13,900,000
3/13/2009 Blackhawk Bancorp, Inc. Beloit Wis. $10,000,000
3/20/2009 Heritage Oaks Bancorp Paso Robles Calif. $21,000,000
3/20/2009 Premier Bank Holding Company Tallahassee Fla. $9,500,000
3/20/2009 Farmers & Merchants Financial Corporation Argonia Kan. $442,000
3/20/2009 Farmers State Bankshares, Inc. Holton Kan. $700,000
3/20/2009 First NBC Bank Holding Company New Orleans La. $17,836,000
3/20/2009 Citizens Bank & Trust Company Covington La. $2,400,000
3/20/2009 Kirksville Bancorp, Inc. Kirksville Mo. $470,000
3/20/2009 First Colebrook Bancorp, Inc. Colebrook N.H. $4,500,000
3/20/2009 Community First Bancshares Inc. Union City Tenn. $20,000,000
3/20/2009 Peoples Bancshares of TN, Inc. Madisonville Tenn. $3,900,000
3/27/2009 SBT Bancorp, Inc. Simsbury Conn. $4,000,000
3/27/2009 CSRA Bank Corp. Wrens Ga. $2,400,000
3/27/2009 Trinity Capital Corporation Los Alamos N.M. $35,539,000
3/27/2009 Clover Community Bankshares, Inc. Clover S.C. $3,000,000
3/27/2009 Pathway Bancorp Cairo Neb. $3,727,000
3/27/2009 Colonial American Bank West Conshohocken Pa. $574,000
3/27/2009 MS Financial, Inc. Kingwood Texas $7,723,000
3/27/2009 Triad Bancorp, Inc. Frontenac Mo. $3,700,000
3/27/2009 Alpine Banks of Colorado Glenwood Springs Colo. $70,000,000
3/27/2009 Naples Bancorp, Inc. Naples Fla. $4,000,000
3/27/2009 CBS Banc-Corp. Russellville Ala. $24,300,000
3/27/2009 IBT Bancorp, Inc. Irving Texas $2,295,000
3/27/2009 Spirit BankCorp, Inc. Bristow Okla. $30,000,000
3/27/2009 Maryland Financial Bank Towson Md. $1,700,000
4/3/2009 First Capital Bancorp, Inc. Glen Ellen Va. $10,958,000
4/3/2009 Tri-State Bank of Memphis Memphis Tenn. $2,795,000
4/3/2009 Fortune Financial Corporation Arnold Mo. $3,100,000
4/3/2009 BancStar, Inc. Festus Mo. $8,600,000
4/3/2009 Titonka Bancshares, Inc Titonka Iowa $2,117,000
4/3/2009 Millennium Bancorp, Inc. Edwards Colo. $7,260,000
4/3/2009 TriSummit Bank Kingsport Tenn. $2,765,000
4/3/2009 Prairie Star Bancshares, Inc. Olathe Kan. $2,800,000
4/3/2009 Community First Bancshares, Inc. Harrison Ark. $12,725,000
4/3/2009 BCB Holding Company, Inc. Theodore Ala. $1,706,000
4/10/2009 City National Bancshares Corporation Newark N.J. $9,439,000
4/10/2009 First Business Bank, N.A. San Diego Calif. $2,211,000
4/10/2009 SV Financial, Inc. Sterling Ill. $4,000,000
4/10/2009 Capital Commerce Bancorp, Inc. Milwaukee Wis. $5,100,000
4/10/2009 Metropolitan Capital Bancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $2,040,000
4/17/2009 Bank of the Carolinas Corporation Mocksville N.C. $13,179,000
4/17/2009 Penn Liberty Financial Corp. Wayne Pa. $9,960,000
4/17/2009 Tifton Banking Company Tifton Ga. $3,800,000
4/17/2009 Patterson Bancshares, Inc Patterson La. $3,690,000
4/17/2009 BNB Financial Services Corporation New York N.Y. $7,500,000
4/17/2009 Omega Capital Corp. Lakewood Colo. $2,816,000
4/24/2009 Mackinac Financial Corporation / mBank Manistique Mich. $11,000,000
4/24/2009 Birmingham Bloomfield Bancshares, Inc Birmingham Mich. $1,635,000
4/24/2009 Vision Bank – Texas Richardson Texas $1,500,000
4/24/2009 Oregon Bancorp, Inc. Salem Ore. $3,216,000
4/24/2009 Peoples Bancorporation, Inc. Easley S.C. $12,660,000
4/24/2009 Indiana Bank Corp. Dana Ind. $1,312,000
4/24/2009 Business Bancshares, Inc. Clayton Mo. $15,000,000
4/24/2009 Standard Bancshares, Inc. Hickory Hills Ill. $60,000,000
4/24/2009 York Traditions Bank York Pa. $4,871,000
4/24/2009 Grand Capital Corporation Tulsa Okla. $4,000,000
4/24/2009 Allied First Bancorp, Inc. Oswego Ill. $3,652,000
4/24/2009 Frontier Bancshares, Inc. Austin Texas $3,000,000
5/1/2009 Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp. Midlothian Va. $14,738,000
5/1/2009 CenterBank Milford Ohio $2,250,000
5/1/2009 Georgia Primary Bank Atlanta Ga. $4,500,000
5/1/2009 Union Bank & Trust Company Oxford N.C. $3,194,000
5/1/2009 HPK Financial Corporation Chicago Ill. $4,000,000
5/1/2009 OSB Financial Services, Inc. Orange Texas $6,100,000
5/1/2009 Security State Bank Holding-Company Jamestown N.D. $10,750,000
5/8/2009 Highlands State Bank Vernon N.J. $3,091,000
5/8/2009 One Georgia Bank Atlanta Ga. $5,500,000
5/8/2009 Gateway Bancshares, Inc. Ringgold Ga. $6,000,000
5/8/2009 Freeport Bancshares, Inc. Freeport Ill. $3,000,000
5/8/2009 Investors Financial Corporation of Pettis County, Inc. Sedalia Mo. $4,000,000
5/8/2009 Sword Financial Corporation Horicon Wis. $13,644,000
5/8/2009 Premier Bancorp, Inc. Wilmette Ill. $6,784,000
5/15/2009 Mercantile Bank Corporation Grand Rapids Mich. $21,000,000
5/15/2009 Northern State Bank Closter N.J. $1,341,000
5/15/2009 Western Reserve Bancorp, Inc Medina Ohio $4,700,000
5/15/2009 Community Financial Shares, Inc. Glen Ellyn Ill. $6,970,000
5/15/2009 Worthington Financial Holdings, Inc. Huntsville Ala. $2,720,000
5/15/2009 First Community Bancshares, Inc Overland Park Kan. $14,800,000
5/15/2009 Southern Heritage Bancshares, Inc. Cleveland Tenn. $4,862,000
5/15/2009 Foresight Financial Group, Inc. Rockford Ill. $15,000,000
5/15/2009 IBC Bancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $4,205,000
5/15/2009 Boscobel Bancorp, Inc Boscobel Wis. $5,586,000
5/15/2009 Brogan Bankshares, Inc. Kaukauna Wis. $2,400,000
5/15/2009 Riverside Bancshares, Inc. Little Rock Ark. $1,100,000
5/15/2009 Deerfield Financial Corporation Deerfield Wis. $2,639,000
5/15/2009 Market Street Bancshares, Inc. Mt. Vernon Ill. $20,300,000
5/22/2009 The Landrum Company Columbia Mo.. $15,000,000
5/22/2009 First Advantage Bancshares Inc. Coon Rapids Minn. $1,177,000
5/22/2009 Fort Lee Federal Savings Bank Fort Lee N.J. $1,300,000
5/22/2009 Blackridge Financial, Inc. Fargo N.D. $5,000,000
5/22/2009 Illinois State Bancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $6,272,000
5/22/2009 Universal Bancorp Bloomfield Ind. $9,900,000
5/22/2009 Franklin Bancorp, Inc. Washington Mo. $5,097,000
5/22/2009 Commonwealth Bancshares, Inc. Louisville Ky. $20,400,000
5/22/2009 Premier Financial Corp Dubuque Iowa $6,349,000
5/22/2009 F & C Bancorp, Inc. Holden Mo. $2,993,000
5/22/2009 Diamond Bancorp, Inc. Washington Mo. $20,445,000
5/22/2009 United Bank Corporation Barnesville Ga. $14,400,000
5/29/2009 Community Bank Shares of Indiana, Inc. New Albany Ind. $19,468,000
5/29/2009 American Premier Bancorp Arcadia Calif. $1,800,000
5/29/2009 CB Holding Corp. Aledo Ill. $4,114,000
5/29/2009 Citizens Bancshares Co. Chillicothe Mo. $24,990,000
5/29/2009 Grand Mountain Bancshares, Inc. Granby Colo. $3,076,000
5/29/2009 Two Rivers Financial Group Burlington Iowa $12,000,000
5/29/2009 Fidelity Bancorp, Inc Baton Rouge La. $3,942,000
5/29/2009 Chambers Bancshares, Inc. Danville Ark. $19,817,000
6/5/2009 Covenant Financial Corporation Clarksdale Miss. $5,000,000
6/5/2009 First Trust Corporation New Orleans La. $17,969,000
6/5/2009 OneFinancial Corporation Little Rock Ark. $17,300,000
6/12/2009 Berkshire Bancorp, Inc. Wyomissing Pa. $2,892,000
6/12/2009 First Vernon Bancshares, Inc. Vernon Ala. $6,000,000
6/12/2009 SouthFirst Bancshares, Inc. Sylacauga Ala. $2,760,000
6/12/2009 Virginia Company Bank Newport News Va. $4,700,000
6/12/2009 Enterprise Financial Services Group, Inc. Allison Park Pa. $4,000,000
6/12/2009 First Financial Bancshares, Inc. Lawrence Kan. $3,756,000
6/12/2009 River Valley Bancorporation, Inc. Wausau Wis. $15,000,000
6/12/2009 Berkshire Bancorp, Inc. Wyomissing Pa. $2,892,000
6/12/2009 First Vernon Bancshares, Inc. Vernon Ala. $6,000,000
6/12/2009 SouthFirst Bancshares, Inc. Sylacauga Ala. $2,760,000
6/12/2009 Virginia Company Bank Newport News Va. $4,700,000
6/12/2009 Enterprise Financial Services Group, Inc. Allison Park Pa. $4,000,000
6/12/2009 First Financial Bancshares, Inc. Lawrence Kan. $3,756,000
6/12/2009 River Valley Bancorporation, Inc. Wausau Wis. $15,000,000
6/19/2009 Merchants and Manufacturers Bank Corporation Joliet Ill. $3,510,000
6/19/2009 RCB Financial Corporation Rome Ga. $8,900,000
6/19/2009 Manhattan Bancshares, Inc. Manhattan Ill. $2,639,000
6/19/2009 Biscayne Bancshares, Inc. Coconut Grove Fla. $6,400,000
6/19/2009 Duke Financial Group, Inc. Minneapolis Minn. $12,000,000
6/19/2009 Farmers Enterprises, Inc. Great Bend Kan. $12,000,000
6/19/2009 Century Financial Services Corporation Santa Fe N.M. $10,000,000
6/19/2009 NEMO Bancshares Inc. Madison Mo. $2,330,000
6/19/2009 University Financial Corp, Inc. St. Paul Minn. $11,926,000
6/19/2009 Suburban Illinois Bancorp, Inc. Elmhurst Ill. $15,000,000
6/26/2009 Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. Hartford Conn. $3,400,000,000
6/26/2009 Fidelity Resources Company Plano Texas $3,000,000
6/26/2009 Waukesha Bankshares, Inc. Waukesha Wis. $5,625,000
6/26/2009 FC Holdings, Inc. Houston Texas $21,042,000
6/26/2009 Security Capital Corporation Batesville Miss. $17,388,000
6/26/2009 First Alliance Bancshares, Inc. Cordova Tenn. $3,422,000
6/26/2009 Gulfstream Bancshares, Inc. Stuart Fla. $7,500,000
6/26/2009 Gold Canyon Bank Gold Canyon Ariz. $1,607,000
6/26/2009 M&F Bancorp, Inc. Durham N.C. $11,735,000
6/26/2009 Metropolitan Bank Group, Inc. Chicago Ill. $71,526,000
6/26/2009 NC Bancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $6,880,000
6/26/2009 Alliance Bancshares, Inc. Dalton Ga. $2,986,000
6/26/2009 Stearns Financial Services, Inc. St. Cloud Minn. $24,900,000
6/26/2009 Signature Bancshares, Inc. Dallas Texas $1,700,000
6/26/2009 Fremont Bancorporation Fremont Calif. $35,000,000
6/26/2009 Alliance Financial Services Inc. St. Paul Minn. $12,000,000
7/10/2009 Lincoln National Corporation Radnor Pa. $950,000,000
7/10/2009 Bancorp Financial, Inc. Oak Brook Ill. $13,669,000
7/17/2009 Brotherhood Bancshares, Inc. Kansas City Kan. $11,000,000
7/17/2009 SouthCrest Financial Group, Inc. Fayetteville Ga. $12,900,000
7/17/2009 Harbor Bankshares Corporation Baltimore Md. $6,800,000
7/17/2009 First South Bancorp, Inc. Lexington Tenn. $50,000,000
7/17/2009 Great River Holding Company Baxter Minn. $8,400,000
7/17/2009 Plato Holdings Inc. St. Paul Minn. $2,500,000
7/24/2009 Yadkin Valley Financial Corp. Elkin N.C. $13,312,000
7/24/2009 Community Bancshares, Inc. Kingman Ariz. $3,872,000
7/24/2009 Florida Bank Group, Inc. Tampa Fla. $20,471,000
7/24/2009 First American Bank Corp. Elk Grove Village Ill. $50,000,000
7/31/2009 Chicago Shore Corp. Chicago Ill. $7,000,000
7/31/2009 Financial Services of Winger, Inc. Winger Minn. $3,742,000
8/7/2009 The ANB Corporation Terrell Texas $20,000,000
8/7/2009 U.S. Century Bank Miami Fla. $50,236,000
8/14/2009 Bank Financial Services, Inc. Eden Prarie Minn. $1,004,000
8/21/2009 KS Bancorp Inc. Smithfield N.C. $4,000,000
8/21/2009 AmFirst Financial Services Inc. McCook Neb. $5,000,000
8/28/2009 First Independence Corp. Detroit Mich. $3,223,000
8/28/2009 First Guaranty Bancshares Inc. Hammond La. $20,699,000
8/28/2009 CoastalSouth Bancshares Inc. Hilton Head Island S.C. $16,015,000
8/28/2009 TCB Corporation Greenwood S.C. $9,720,000
9/4/2009 The State Bank of Bartley Bartley Neb. $1,697,000
9/11/2009 Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc. Oswego N.Y. $6,771,000
9/11/2009 Community Bancshares of Mississippi, Inc. Brandon Miss. $52,000,000
9/11/2009 Heartland Bancshares, Inc. Franklin Ind. $7,000,000
9/11/2009 PFSB Bancorporation, Inc. Pigeon Falls Wis. $1,500,000
9/11/2009 First Eagle Bancshares, Inc. Hanover Park Ill. $7,500,000
9/18/2009 IA Bancorp, Inc. Iselin N.J. $5,976,000
9/18/2009 HomeTown Bankshares Corporation Roanoke Va. $10,000,000
9/25/2009 Heritage Bankshares Inc. Norfolk Va. $10,103,000
9/25/2009 Mountain Valley Bancshares Cleveland Ga. $3,300,000
9/25/2009 Grand Financial Corp. Hattiesburg Miss. $2,443,320
9/25/2009 Guaranty Capital Corp. Belzoni Miss. $14,000,000
9/25/2009 GulfSouth Private Bank Destin Fla. $7,500,000
9/25/2009 Steele Street Bank Corp. Denver Colo. $11,019,000
10/2/2009 Premier Financial Bancorp Huntington W.Va. $22,252,000
10/2/2009 Providence Bank Rocky Mount N.C. $4,000,000
10/23/2009 Regents Bancshares Vancouver Wash. $12,700,000
10/23/2009 Cardinal Bancorp II Washington Mo. $6,251,000
10/30/2009 Randolph Bank & Trust Co. Asheboro N.C.. $6,229,000
10/30/2009 WashingtonFirst Bankshares Reston Va. $6,842,000
11/6/2009 F & M Bancshares Trezevant Tenn. $3,535,000
11/20/2009 Presidio Bank San Francisco Calif. $10,800,000
11/20/2009 McLeod Bancshares Shorewood Minn. $6,000,000
11/20/2009 Metropolitan Capital Bancorp Chicago Ill. $2,348,000
12/4/2009 Broadway Financial Corp. Los Angeles Calif. $6,000,000
12/4/2009 Delmar Bancorp Delmar Md. $9,000,000
12/4/2009 Liberty Bancshares Fort Worth Texas $6,500,000
Total purchase amount: $204,808,576,320
Total repaid: -$96,249,045,000
Capital Purchase Program total investment: $108,487,042,320


#OpCashBack Official Statement

I will not be deleteing the site, nor the twitter, nor will I change the name for anyone, I support this movement, and I support the Nov 5th movement. I am not sorry if there are nov 5 organizers who are butt hurt because I was not included in on a choice, but where I am in a structure of “no leaders” everyone equal, my site will be staying. For the few of you who follow and support, I thank you, and I wish for you to support and promote the Nov 5th movement as well, and the Oct 29th one as well, and think there are about 48954983 others popping up which I will support as well. As long as people take their money out of big banks and support putting them into credit unions then its all good with me.

I was told Nov 5th will have more political relevance, well good, I hope it does. This is the point is it not?

I was told if we dont join up there is no solidarity, that’s just ridiculous, there is, as long as there is support for everyone.

I was told the #OpBankRun hashtag is better sounding….. ok… Im not competing. This is not a contest, we are not 5. I was upset last night when I had the rug pulled from under with me no say into what I would of like to do, and I may have acted out inappropriatly on twitter. I have used social media in my business for a long time and it was poor judgement on my part. I apologize for that.

I am not competing with any other op, I simply want people to move their money now. Everyone can support who they like, its all for the better of the 99%


Miss Revolution

World Wide Money Move @OpCashBack

This morning we were happy when we were  tweeted by people in Japan, Spain and Italy looking for Credit Unions in their area. This is a global Operation. We have gotten a lot of slack on twitter as well for people saying to wait until Nov. 5th. We state again, we do support Nov 5th as well as another movement scheduled . #OpCashBack is about taking control of your money now. Taking it out of shareholders hands and into yours. We here at Anonymous feel the time is now to move your money.

There are CU and Co-Ops all over the world for everyone, they offer the same as banks but lack the shareholders. Take control of your money, support the credit Unions, support the 99% support your brothers and sisters protesting for more then a month now, support the world.

If you have felt you could do nothing to help this movement, here is a chance to do your part now.

#OpCashBack Follow the official twitter @OpCashBack

We are the 99% We will be heard. Expect Us.

Let’s Keep The Ball Rolling #OpCashBack

Bank dude says "Keep your money there another month!"

We see a lot of people in twitter telling us they see signs to wait until Nov 5th to close their accounts. We are in full support of this day or any other that denies the big corporate banks their money making opportunities off of your money. What we are saying is why wait? Why let these banks make more money off of you? Why pay out to their shareholders at the end of this month with money they have made off of your money?

We say move your money now, some of you have more then just  a checking or savings and it will take a couple of weeks to close your accounts, this is why we say move that money now! Why let the 1% live off of you? Act now.

This movement is backed by @YourAnonNews and @MissRevelution_