Let’s Keep The Ball Rolling #OpCashBack

Bank dude says "Keep your money there another month!"

We see a lot of people in twitter telling us they see signs to wait until Nov 5th to close their accounts. We are in full support of this day or any other that denies the big corporate banks their money making opportunities off of your money. What we are saying is why wait? Why let these banks make more money off of you? Why pay out to their shareholders at the end of this month with money they have made off of your money?

We say move your money now, some of you have more then just  a checking or savings and it will take a couple of weeks to close your accounts, this is why we say move that money now! Why let the 1% live off of you? Act now.

This movement is backed by @YourAnonNews and @MissRevelution_


12 responses

  1. Big fireworks !

  2. Closed my Ally bank 2 weeks ago, canceled 2 Chase CC on 10-15 GDOR. **we are the 99%

  3. banks pay out quarterly, third quarter is already come and gone, now or the 5th doesn’t affect any payout.

    1. yes we know it was more of a thing of why keep it in, when it does not need to be there, by keeping it in, you support the 1%

  4. you know its actually kinda hard to find a CU that will let you start without a job and/or someone that is already a member in your family. i looked here in LA county

    1. I joined one last week , no family is in one, anyone can open one, call an office, if you have money to deposit you do not need a job nor a family member to have a CU account

  5. thank you!!

    1. thank you anonymous and occupy america !! i would protest if i could walk. i have been helping to raise awareness on those fema concentration camps and the patriot act. please vote for ron paul 2012 so they will stop tapping my phones and following us cuz it sucks.

  6. Have been rallying people in Brooklyn and giving them credit union locations in their neighborhoods, personally I have been big bank free for 5 years.

    1. Thats exactly what people need to do! good for you and helping in the movement

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