#OpCashBack Official Statement

I will not be deleteing the site, nor the twitter, nor will I change the name for anyone, I support this movement, and I support the Nov 5th movement. I am not sorry if there are nov 5 organizers who are butt hurt because I was not included in on a choice, but where I am in a structure of “no leaders” everyone equal, my site will be staying. For the few of you who follow and support, I thank you, and I wish for you to support and promote the Nov 5th movement as well, and the Oct 29th one as well, and think there are about 48954983 others popping up which I will support as well. As long as people take their money out of big banks and support putting them into credit unions then its all good with me.

I was told Nov 5th will have more political relevance, well good, I hope it does. This is the point is it not?

I was told if we dont join up there is no solidarity, that’s just ridiculous, there is, as long as there is support for everyone.

I was told the #OpBankRun hashtag is better sounding….. ok… Im not competing. This is not a contest, we are not 5. I was upset last night when I had the rug pulled from under with me no say into what I would of like to do, and I may have acted out inappropriatly on twitter. I have used social media in my business for a long time and it was poor judgement on my part. I apologize for that.

I am not competing with any other op, I simply want people to move their money now. Everyone can support who they like, its all for the better of the 99%


Miss Revolution


9 responses

  1. not aware of any controversy. don’t fribbin care. I support this. Good on you for participating.

  2. Keep on keepin’ on. We are with you.

  3. Did not hear of controversy either. Don’t like the sound of #OpBankRun…too 1929 and brings up image of the run on the Building & Loan from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I get the point. I think the #OpCashBack does the job.

    1. lol well like we stated, if any date gets people to take back control of our money, its good with us, we just say do it now!

  4. no time to apologize! #OpCashBack is on!

  5. Who can I contact to find out more about all of this?

    1. @missrevolution_ on twitter

  6. you should be proud your cause just grew bigger its makes it easier for people like me to follow just one op instead of three

    1. well thats not the point really, any day is a good day, I support any date that will convey to people to move their money to a credit union. 🙂

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