A Message From Anonymous: Operation Cash Back

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  1. What about a small local community bank? Is that okay or does it need to be a credit union?

    1. most small community banks can be good if they do not have investors or shareholders, this is what were trying to get away from, local banks I would check and ask.

      1. Ally is a friendly name for GMAC Finance.

  2. […] ongoing “operation,” called “Operation Cashback,” is encouraging people to move their money from large banks to local credit […]

  3. […] Fox Hunt. November 5th. May the hunt begin.”Another ongoing “operation,” called “Operation Cashback,” is encouraging people to move their money from large banks to local credit unions.A number […]

  4. […] Fox Hunt. November 5th. May the hunt begin.”Another ongoing “operation,” called “Operation Cashback,” is encouraging people to move their money from large banks to local credit unions.A number […]

  5. What about Ally bank? I’m not planning to live locally for more than a year, and I’d prefer a bank that I can “take with me” wherever I go. Is Ally just as bad as Chase and BOA and other big names?

    1. Well, at least they sponsor NPR 🙂

      1. So does Goldman Sachs.

    2. Ally used to be GMAC. They are absolutely as bad as the others.

    3. google ‘ally reviews’ you wont have to view more htan one website of reviews to make that decision… or i’ll answer it for you, they suck just like any other capitalist oriented bank.

      Go local only, or a credit union.

    4. Most banks and credit unions (small and large) offer debit cards and online banking. So, even if your bank is in another state, you can still do almost everything you do with a bank from a distance. And there is (if you qualify by being in, or having family in the Navy) such things as Navy Federal Credit Union, which is nation wide.

  6. […] ongoing “operation,” called “Operation Cashback,” is encouraging people to move their money from large banks to local credit […]

  7. All ready and set to go! Just finished setting up with Nutmeg State Credit Union! You know they GIVE me .75 for every 50 bucks I spend AND give me up to 10 bucks back in outside ATM fees AND give me interest on my checking and savings account with no monthly fees, or fees at all! Freakin’ amazing, super psyched!! Wife and I are psyched and ready, direct deposits are set, and we’re ready to waltz in on November 5th at 9am and shut down our Bank of America accounts that we held for 5+ years. Oh and check out my blog 🙂 http://temporalrelativity.blogspot.com newest post is about money

    1. so many have done it now 🙂 But any date is good!

      1. true… well I have to wait for my new debit cards anyway 🙂

  8. I started the process of moving my money from HSBC to a small local bank and was told by the bank manager at HSBC that they are required to report account closures to Homeland Security. I told him “Good, you do that!” Does anyone know if that’s true or if he was just trying to bully me?

  9. We dont have credit unions in Holland. I’m on disability benifits and by law i need a bankaccount for them to send the money to.


    1. Can your disability checks be deposited to ING? – I know they were purchased recently by Capitol One – Can any of the anons confirm they are better or worse than BoA, etc?

      1. I know ING and Cap one are share holder owned, which is what we are trying to move away from, I know CU do disability checks, you need to find one in your area using the link to the right of the page and call them and ask, they really are so helpful

      2. Olivia and Cash back, thanks for the replies. I meant Holland The country (The Netherlands) the one in Europe. I currently use ABN-Amro. (Used to be Fortis, but after its bail out the Dutch part of it was sold to ABN-Amro) I know for a fact that ING (The bank with the lion) is just as bad as the lot of them. Also, the bank needs to have online banking because of my disability i realy dont/cant go out much. (NO Credit/Debit Card possible, you need to be off a fixed income times 300% to get one here in the Netherlands.)

  10. Unfortunately, just like Ron who lives in Holland, the situation is quite the same in Greece too. So, where to transfer money to? I guess this op. applies to the USA. Any proposals then???
    Even though we are bankrupt, we still have banks, so they can take our homes too. Wages are 30-40% down with the new austerity measures, but loans are still the same. Bailout shit, we are the new slaves…

    1. In the UK use co op banks or building societies.

  11. In Greece we don’t have credit unions, can you help us?
    pls contact at h.audit.services@gmail.com

    1. I will see what i can find for everyone who has said there is nothing for them

  12. Don’t know what to DO or Wear on Halloween?

    In the spirit of October 3rd when the Zombies Occupied Wall Street,
    how about dressing up as a Capitalist Vampire?

    And if we haven’t already moved our money from the top 4 big Wall Street banks (i.e. Bank of America, JP. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo), then Move Your Money to a local bank or credit union on Halloween dressed up as a Capitalist Vampire.

    It would be cool if this went viral and found out this was a symbolic movement on Halloween.

  13. […] Fawkes Day in Britain. On this particular date hacktivist group Anonymous has planned several Ops: Operation Cashback, Operation Fox Hunt and Operation Facebook. The first two have been recently announced in relation […]

  14. I am so excited to switch to my local credit union. They even have 3% APY interest on checking accounts up to $25,000!!! Yes, 3%. I’m closing my ING savings account and my Rabobank checking — although, I do not know if Rabobank is bad; anyone? — and decide which credit card to keep using. This is a question for the group. If I pay off my credit card balance in full monthly, am I supporting the credit card company? The two I use most of all are Discover and Chase-United.

    1. I want to keep using at least one card to maintain a strong credit score. I got a 0% loan on my car three years ago and it’s important to me to have a good credit score.

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