What This Movement Means to Me ~Miss Revolution

Ive pushed this Operation and others like it because I so believe in them. I daily read the stories posted on here about what this revolution, Occupy Wall Street, means to so many, on so many different levels. Most times, I will not lie, it brings me to tears. I will tell you why, and why it is so important for the many different generations, races, religions to be one voice right now.

11 years ago I bought my home, it was a steal, never in a million years could we have ever afforded a house so big, with such a big yard, in the area we live, owners sold it to us for what it was valued at by the town. My credit was not good, and still i got this loan, with closing costs it came out over what I was approved for, and still I got the house. I was stupid and sheepish at the time and never questioned anything, because I had a home. 7 years later, my mortgage had been sold 2 times and I was in foreclosure, literally a week away from a sale date on my home. I planned my suicide. The burdons of financially being in debt had gotten me to the point I was willing to take my own life. I had it planned out, what I would do, how I would do it, and notes I would leave.

That day in the mail I got a letter saying they had canceled the sale, and even the people trying to help re-modify my loan at the time had no idea where it came from, but it was legal and it was so. I came up with the 750 I needed for a total of 7k to re-modify. 11 years later I am there again, modification only helps to stop the obvious from happening then.

Last year I had my electric turned off for 4 months during winter, I had a nice neighbor who helped with an extension cord. Im ok on gas, water, electric im still piled high into and just hope once again I can make it to where they dont shut you off for winter, and try to pay off most of it during the winter months.

When OWS started, and grew, I watched online, the video, the pictures, the emotion, the fight. And I cried in front of my children. They asked why I got so upset, and i said simply, “Im not a lone” Its so overwhelming to see the fight going on world wide now, it fills me with such hope that things will change. No, not overnight, but they will.

I would also like to note, I have a degree, I have to work 2 jobs all the time, usually pick up freelance work for extra and usually need to see a local food pantry once a month. I never thought my life would come to this. EVER.

Occupy Wall Street for me is hope, for the future and for my children, and knowing I am not a lone in this plight.




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  1. At first, please excuse my bad english, im from Austria. Ive read your comment two times and i know how you must feel. Something like this luckly never happend to me, but in my work i often hear storys from our costumers, which are like the same. The doesent have money. They only get a little money from the gouverment. That isnt enough for holiday or something like that. …. I wonder which cars do the gouverment people drive ….

    Lg @Elfenlied87

  2. Thank you for all you are doing, and no you are not alone.

  3. Exactly what Jason said,

  4. You are not alone. That’s such a motivational story, for me, and I hope you are doing a little bit better, at least.

  5. thanks 4 ur letter it tells me that its good i keep on fighting everyday in my world to wake up and let the peple see.
    u are not allone we stand all together!!!!
    We will not give up!!!!
    With love and light.

  6. They’ve got hundreds of billions to save large banks, none for people’s houses. Most of the billions given to banks came from taxes! After the crunch, some of the traders wore T-shirts that said “I shorted your house”. These fucking assholes aren’t much different from Hitler or OBL. You’re the hero!

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