We Started #Oct17 We Pushed #Nov5 Now We Reinforce the Fight

Push came to shove, and we shoved hard. Millions of voices around the world were heard as hundreds of thousands of people closed out bank accounts starting in October and pushing through with strong and loud protests in solidarity with Occupy Wall Streets around the world, to Nov 5th. The word is between 700k and 1 million people closed out their big bank accounts. that is amazing, look at the power you all have alone and look at what we have done together. What a statement. And not for long can the governments of the world keep ignoring us.
But now is when we have to keep pushing, and pushing hard. For those people who have moved accounts, you need to do more, you need to get involved with your credit union and make it count, make this move more then just a statement that your money belongs to you, really make your money work for you, congratulations are in order for all of you credit union members, you now control your money completely, you are now an owner and have a vote in what goes on at your bank, YOU can sit on your board of directors for your bank, why? Because your money is there. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 dollars or 5000 dollars in an account, you are all equal in the say of what goes on in that bank.

For those of you who have moved money, now is the time to educate those who have not done it and may be hesitant, you are the teachers now, the path makers, the world changers!  We cannot faulter our brother and sisters who are out on the Occupy lines dealing with just the begginings of some harsh winter weather. We need to push Operation Cash Back until the majority of the population of people are with credit unions and the minority is the big banks. Do not think it cant be done, look at what we have already accomplished, we do not faulter in our actions, we do not hesitate in our words. This moment is far to big to just let the pressure ease, we must be louder and stronger and more forceful with our words then ever before.

We are many people, many religions, many races, many groups, but we are one voice and we Are silent no more ~ MissRevolution

We are the 99%

We Are Anonymous

We Are Legion

We Do Not Forgive

We Do Not Forget

Expect Us


One response

  1. If I hadn’t have been visiting granny, my money would already be moved. I am moving my accounts from Commerce Bank (got Dox on them?) To a Wichita credit union! I LOVE THIS OP! PS: banks lost a $23M market when the gov’t said they couldn’t call charging people $30 for overdrafts” protection! When 99% of us have moved our fraction of the wealth, then new probs will inevitably crop up. Nonetheless, this is the right thing to do.

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