And the Judge Asked me, why do you wear that mask?

Anonymous_We_are_LegionIn the last 2 months, my eyes have been opened very quickly to the complete ignorance for the Anonymous movement. If you follow my twitter then you will know some of the troubles I have had, having to visit gov officials offices and just today a courthouse as well.

I wont go into details of where I was and how I got caught, that is completely irrelevant, what is not is how I was able to educate a judge, who was open minded to education.

I sat in the courthouse for hours, and tweeted about other cases, medical marijuana was one, and a big one, brought protesters and activists there, the judge was open about it and delayed the case for mediation with the cop, himself and counselors to see if all charges could be dropped, a lot of cases involving suspended licenses’ where he reduced fines and dropped fines so people could just get out of there. I could see he was a good guy, he was not there to impose huge penalties, but to help as he has said. In my mind I thought, well there is a first time for everything.

The prosecutor on the other hand was a douche, we went before him before court, as my lawyer had last minute questions and I was asked if I was a member of Anonymous, I replied, “like AAA? do I carry a card?” I replied, then no, my lawyer said she takes the 5th lol.  That is also when we found out besides the other charges, I was being charged with internet tampering (confused face) I told my lawyer this is bullshit and there is no such thing, even sent a DM to a friend and asked him to search online while I sat in courtroom. Finally went before judge and he admitted he was confused by the internet tampering and dropped it. He tried to call in the arresting officer, and he couldn’t make it in, and was as well confused to de-masking. I told him I was wearing an Anonymous mask, and was handcuffed before I could remove it, judge shook his head and said that was also dismissed. He then asked me why I wear a mask. And he did not say it in a manner in which would be demeaning, I believe he really  wanted to know.

I replied,”I wear the mask because it unites us, there is no man or woman, no catholics, or muslims, no female or males, no young or old, no one is defined by money, we are all equal, we are all one voice.

He replied to me after a minute, isn’t it a shame you have to wear a mask to represent that. He then went on to summarize the charges, and the ones dropped, and what the fines would be. he winked at me and told me to have a great day.

There was at one point them saying I was going to serve like 5 days in jail for having my license suspended, but that was thrown out.

I went and paid my fine thanks to some very generous donations from Anons, and when walking out the doors I ran into the procecuting attorny enjoying a cigg outside. I stopped and asked him this, “You know why I am free?” he replied to me, “because the judge was in a good mood” I said ” No, because you cant arrest an idea!” I smiled and walked away to my car

I dont ever think I have been so proud to be a part of something like this. Dont get me wrong, I was nervous and I don’t trust the judicial system, and you never know what can change in a courthouse, but I was proud the entire time.

Never give up your fight, never give up your rights, always educate yourself, and always educate others. Do NOT let the gov sway you in your convictions and remember the beauty of our freedom is that we have the right (still) of choice, so while you may not always support an op, please always support your fellow Anons, because we are only as strong as our weakest link.



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  1. John wayne (Duke) (¿?) | Reply

    Right on! you have past on your knowledge to other as you are too! I also am very proud of you as so should other anon’s be. God bless you and keep your faith! (¿?)

  2. nonviolentconflict | Reply

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  3. J. R. Buzzell, Jr. | Reply

    God bless ya! Keep fightin’ the Good Fight. I agree with the judge – it is a shame you have to wear a mask for that.

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  5. You are kickass! And an inspiration. Thank you. There is hope.

  6. ” No, because you cant arrest an idea!”

    * thumbs up *

  7. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjanon | Reply

    Well played, Anon. Well played.

  8. im up at 530 am looking at all that is anon. I am behind it as i have been for a while now. I just want things to move foreword this fight it to important for it not to be won by the people. We need to take off the masks and stand together and not be afraid of the one percent anymore. I want that day to be today and i want this land that we call home to truly belong to the people, and for a new age of prosperity to rise up from this pit that the government has put us in.

    thank you everyone

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