Not All Alternative Payment Options Safe

buyerbewareI suppose I should of taken my own advice when I decided to start using Wepay. I did not do any checking and just opened an account and a shop to sell some items in hopes of supplementation of  my income.

Before I go on, I want to state, that Im not telling people not to use it, Im telling people to be wary and on top of your account at all times. I will also note, the customer service there is pretty good, Ive never had issues getting a response, or getting help. 

I had opened my account about 7 months ago, from this post date. In January I had questioned some missing money, my total had been changed in a matter of hours upon a donation, then again it happened and I notified them, and they could not explain it. The second inquiry, I had not used the account for a week or so and the same amount had registered with each log in, then a donation was received, I refreshed the page and there was about 60 dollars gone from the total and that was with the new donation.

I had started collecting donations for bail money, and had the extra amount I could not come up with via wepay. I went to the police station to pay and when they went to charge my wepay card it was declined. The money was there I checked it on my phone while I was there. The judge was decent enough to give me time to get the money, as I didnt know why the card was declined. I came home and tweeted to them. When this happened ALOT of Anons tweeted to them as well, and as well Phantom from Team Poison had a “talk” with them. Some of the tweets basically told Wepay they needed to resolve this issue asap.

When I was on phone with Jackie (support lead) I was told their Bank could not verify my information so they deactivated my card and they would not reissue me a new one.

Now this seemed odd to me, being I know I put all my  info in right, I had used the card with no problem for 6 months, but when I started inquiring about missing money, the card mysteriously gets deactivated because their Bank cant verify me. I would think a company who is wanting to grow in business, would notify you of information needing to be verified and give you the opportunity to address any misinformation on your account and correct it, good business that way? I would think.

So, Jackie tells me they can overnight me a check. It will get here in 24 hours via Fed Ex and they email me the tracking number. I get the check by 9 am, I have a deadline at the police station to pay my bail, and go to cash the check and its not accepted at the check cashing place.  In fact he said it looked fishy.  I asked if they would call the bank, and he told me that will verify nothing.  I went to a couple others in my area (check cashing places) and was told the same thing. They didnt recognize the bank, so they would not cash it.

I came back home, tweeted to Wepay that I couldn’t even cash the check. It was at this time that more then a lot of Anonymous and Phantom from Team Poison got at them, I do know as well NasdaqEnema was very diligent  in trying to find resolve with some kind of good for all on both sides. This was also when I believe they were shown their pass word to their admin panel of wepay via Phantom. I was told on phone by Jackie that they would be doing something they never do, that they would get me a money order and overnight it to me.

I got an email from Sophie telling me that my accounts were being deleted and thanking me for my business.

But wait, I didnt do anything wrong. And you delete my accounts? (I think it was because of the Anonymous showing and Phantom)

That night I got a call from a blocked number ( I picked it up as I have contacts who call from blocked numbers (Anons)  It was a male voice and I was told my kind were not wanted at Wepay and to stay away. (my kind?)

The wepay account on twitter blocked me half way through this fiasco, and most people who were inquiring about what had gone on.

So lets get this right. They deactivated my card with no notice, they send me a check I cant cash, and then delete my accounts and tell me I am not welcome there. And all because they screwed up?

I will say this, as for being able to make a donation, they are good, you do not need an account, and you can make  a donation. They are only USA based and I know this was an issue with a lot of Anons abroad. It is also good as you can have anyone be able to see the funds and the fund raising, and have numerous people for fundraising as an admin on your event.

But be warned, they can and will deactivate your account without you being able to do anything about it, and I know a lot of Anons and OWS people who use this as their source of funding. There were a few people on twitter who had also told me they had checks sent to them that they had trouble cashing or couldnt cash at all.

For myself Wepay is a no no. Im not telling you to not use it, Im telling you to be aware, they will close your accounts if they deem it suiting and they will deactivate your card if they decide with no further information then, our Bank could not verify you, even if you know you did everything right.

I did find a couple of sites with Wepay complaints and compliments:

Like I said, its not for me, I think they are able to control your money way too much. If your traveling on the road, go to get gas, card is declined, they decided you couldn’t be verified (think that is a bullshit excuse) you cant do anything about it. they will not issue you a new card, they will not let you keep your account, they will close it out and send you a check, that you may or may not be able to cash.

By the way we found the CEO on this show Millionaire Matchamker  a little lulz for you

Just beware, I should of done my homework and just went on the world of most of the Anons I deal with. This may not have happened to you, but it could.


Note: With the help of NasdaqEnema we have found a couple alternative sites we are supporting and promoting, another post will be up shortly about this, and I will come back and link when done.


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