OkPay & Serve Promoted by Anonymous

After the event with Wepay, alot of people asked the question, well what else is there? With help from NasdaqEnema, Serve and OkPay were found and looked into.

serveServe is like Wepay, it caters to USA only. The downside of Serve is you have to register to be able to send money, but when you do, you get 10 dollars for signing up, and your card comes within 3 days of your account opening. Your name is not printed on your card.

The bad of Serve is that it is owned by American Express, the good of that is they can never cancel your card without you knowing about it. meaning if there is an issue with your account, you will be notified first. Where as wepay just cancels your card without any notice  to you (too much power over your money imo)

Serve has tools for you to use to raise money, to help you sell stuff online, and as well to donate to a charity right from your serve dashboard. You can also have sub accounts, for children, or business.

OkPay is the same as PayPal but I think they may be a bit better, just celebrating its 2nd birthday, okpay looks as if it could take paypal by storm.  Ok pay gives you multiple wallets in multiple currencies, you can even use bit coin to fund your account. They have a debit card as well. OKPAY combines various payment options (wire transfers, e-currencies, money transfer systems, phone payment services) into one platform featuring unified financial service for merchants to accept and process payments, making everyday accounting easy and user-friendly. At the same time client does not need to create OKPAY account to make a purchase with one of the supported payment options. They even provide and online banking option. OkPay has combined every payment option and put it into one place for you, you can use it just as you used paypal, and your funds are backed up by offshore accounts so that your banking online with them is secure.

Now because OkPay is more like a banking option, you do have to verify your account, with documents you can scan and send to them.

So besides credit unions, OpCashBack will be supporting and promoting these online payment options, if you have paypal I implore you to check out okpay, and if you have wepay, please check out Serve.



thank you to NasdaqEnema for all his help with finding these opportunities.

Miss Rev


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