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OkPay & Serve Promoted by Anonymous

After the event with Wepay, alot of people asked the question, well what else is there? With help from NasdaqEnema, Serve and OkPay were found and looked into.

serveServe is like Wepay, it caters to USA only. The downside of Serve is you have to register to be able to send money, but when you do, you get 10 dollars for signing up, and your card comes within 3 days of your account opening. Your name is not printed on your card. Continue reading →


Not All Alternative Payment Options Safe

buyerbewareI suppose I should of taken my own advice when I decided to start using Wepay. I did not do any checking and just opened an account and a shop to sell some items in hopes of supplementation of  my income.

Before I go on, I want to state, that Im not telling people not to use it, Im telling people to be wary and on top of your account at all times. I will also note, the customer service there is pretty good, Ive never had issues getting a response, or getting help.  Continue reading →