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Not All Alternative Payment Options Safe

buyerbewareI suppose I should of taken my own advice when I decided to start using Wepay. I did not do any checking and just opened an account and a shop to sell some items in hopes of supplementation of  my income.

Before I go on, I want to state, that Im not telling people not to use it, Im telling people to be wary and on top of your account at all times. I will also note, the customer service there is pretty good, Ive never had issues getting a response, or getting help.  Continue reading →


And the Judge Asked me, why do you wear that mask?

Anonymous_We_are_LegionIn the last 2 months, my eyes have been opened very quickly to the complete ignorance for the Anonymous movement. If you follow my twitter then you will know some of the troubles I have had, having to visit gov officials offices and just today a courthouse as well. Continue reading →

The Numbers Are In: Find Out Just How Many Americans Have Ditched Their Banks

Finally, we’ve got some cold, hard stats on how badly banks are hurting from November’s Bank Transfer Day movement. Continue reading →

We are all Anonymous:CNN Reports

CNN reporter Amber Lyon (twitter: @AmberLyon) takes an inside look at the hactivist group “Anonymous”. Original air date: Jan 14, 2012
—————————— Continue reading →