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list of news, financial news and media feeds on twitter

@New York Times






















@Google News. Get both breaking news and updates to news stories coming from Google News with this feed.

@YahooNews. Yahoo! provides news headlines and links to stories coming out of major news sources.

@MSNdotcom. Find the latest headlines from MSN right here on their official Twitter feed.

@digg. If you are a Digg fan, then follow this feed to stay on top of what is happening at Digg.

@reddit. Get the latest popular stories from Reddit with this Twitter feed.

@stumbleupon. Right now there isn’t much going on at this Twitter feed, but there have been rumblings that this might be a great feed to follow when they get it together.

@mixx. Another social media site that brings the news to you via Twitter, the Mixx feed keeps you updated on what is happening there and even provides opportunities for contests.

@Delicious. Get all the latest Delicious news and happenings behind the scenes at this popular social media site.

@socialmedia2day. This feed shares news and opinions on the world of social media straight from their website, Social Media Today

@whitehouse. Get the latest updates from President Obama at this new Twitter feed.

@nprpolitics. NPR brings you politics with their usual high quality news and conversations on the subject.

@ReutersPolitics. Pulling news stories from Reuters’ Politics section, this Twitter feed provides you with a sampling of what Reuters is reporting.

@algore. This former presidential candidate and environmental activist posts about politics with a tinge of green.

@HouseFloor. The clerk of the US House of Representatives posts live updates on this feed.

@HuffPolitics. Find breaking political news, alerts, and links to headlines from the Huffington Post.

@politicalticker. CNN Political Ticker provides all the latest political news from their top political correspondents.

@RecessionNews. Get news related to the recession as it affects people all around the globe.

@recessionwire. Learn how to survive the recession with the news and tips available on this feed.

@WSJ. The Wall Street Journal supplies you with business and finance news headlines in this feed.

@tipd. This feed from Tip’d financial social network provides you with popular links from their network to help keep you abreast of what’s going on in the world of finance.

@Financial Times. This feed provides you with the latest news from world finance, business, and politics with a London perspective.

@Reuters_Biz. Reuters brings you up-to-the-minute business news with their Twitter feed.

@LATimesbiz. Business and finance news from the LA Times supply the information on this feed.

@LATimesmoneyco. Economics and the stock market are the focus of this feed from Tom Petruno and staff at the LA Times.

@beckyyerak. Becky Yerak, a financial services reporter from the Chicago Tribune, keeps you updated on all the latest news from the world of banking, private equity, and insurance.

@businessnews. Get business, finance, and stock market news from here.

@CNNMoney. Find international business and finance news on this feed.

@nytimesbusiness. NY Times business news links are available here as the stories develop.

@bbcbusiness. BBC Business shares international business news with a British accent.








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