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The Numbers Are In: Find Out Just How Many Americans Have Ditched Their Banks

Finally, we’ve got some cold, hard stats on how badly banks are hurting from November’s Bank Transfer Day movement. Continue reading →


Update on US Banks and the Euro Area – Things Look Grim

Now on to a somewhat less happy topic, namely the US banks, especially the so-called ‘TBTF’ banks. As long time readers are probably aware, we have always held that people will tend to underestimate the ‘stickiness’ of the down cycle in real estate. However, there are a number of historical examples of which the most pertinent is probably Continue reading →

New Mexico House Votes 65-0 To Move State’s Money To Credit Unions, Community Banks

New Mexico’s House of Representatives voted Monday to pass a bill that allows the state to move $2 billion – $5 billion of state funds to credit unions and small banks. Continue reading →

Continue The Trend, Continue The Fight, #OpCashBack and #Nov5

In full support of Nov 5th we would like you to continue moving your money, it is already obvious that since Oct. 17 when we started Operation Cash Back we had no idea of the impact, we hoped of impact and it has worked, Continue reading →

650,000 New Members Have Joined Credit Unions via @anonops_

CUNA estimates that since Sept. 29 (the day BofA announced fees),650,000 new members have joined credit unions. To put this in perspective, there were 600,000 new members joining credit unions in all of 2010. So the past month has seen 50,000 more members than all of last year.• Also during that time, CUNA estimates that credit unions have added $4.5 billion in new savings accounts, likely from the new members and existing members shifting their funds.

Monster Prediction From BofA: Another US Debt Downgrade Is Coming In Just A Few Weeks

In an analyst note, Bofa/ML’s Ethan S. Harris drops a bit of a bombshell prediction:


We expect a moderate slowdown in the beginning of next year, as two small policy shocks—another debt downgrade and fiscal tightening—hit the economy. The “not-so-super” Deficit Commission is very unlikely to come up with a credible deficit-reduction plan. The committee is more divided than the overall Congress. Since the fall-back plan is sharp cuts in discretionary spending, the whole point of the Committee is to put taxes and entitlements on the table. However, all the Republican members have signed the Norquist “no taxes” pledge and with taxes off the table it is hard to imagine the liberal Democrats on the Committee agreeing to significant entitlement cuts. The credit rating agencies have strongly suggested that further rating cuts are likely if Congress does not come up with a credible long-run plan. Hence, we expect at least one credit downgrade in late November or early December when the super Committee crashes.

This is quite a stunning prediction, mainly because nobody is talking about this. And though the experts were 100% wrong in thinking that a downgrade would increase borrowing costs, it did cause a major market jolt when it happened, leading to a major blow to confidence in August and September.

Another round of that would certainly not be helpful.

Hense Harris’ note is titled “Enjoy It While It Lasts.” We have a nice little upswing in economic data, but next year could be rough again, when these confidence shocks hit.

As for the immediate term, Harris sees 2.7% GDP for Q3 (the advance estimate for which will be released this coming Thursday) and 2.3% GDP for Q4.

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BoA Branch Mgr Begs Customer Not To Close Accounts

Topic started on 19-10-2011 @ 11:05 AM by Tripnman

Over the past two weeks, I have been closing down and moving money out of my Bank of America accounts. I have done my personal and business (I own a consulting business) banking there for over ten years but have decided to vote with my wallet and express my displeasure with the system by removing my money from their clutches. One by one, I have zeroed out the balances on various accounts by transferring and consolidating via their website. After each transfer I then called to close the accounts over the phone without issue.  Yesterday was different. I visited a branch to make a business deposit and when I arrived, there were signs on the ATMs indicating that the system was down and that customers should come into the branch. Before I got to the business customers’ line, I was stopped by a banking associate and asked the purpose of my visit. I told him I was there to make a deposit and he waved me to a desk. When I sat down the banker first asked for my account number.

I don’t know it, so I handed him my ATM card. That’s when he explained that all of their computers were down, and although they would accept the deposit, without the account number they would have to give me a generic receipt. Say what huh? When I told him that my newly opened accounts at a local (small, community) credit union would like the deposit he insisted that their computers were down too. Fifteen minutes after leaving BoA I found that to not be true and the money was happily deposited into a new account at the CU without issue.  Later in the afternoon I hit up a different branch of BoA and found their computers working just fine. I went in, asked to speak with a banker and was seated in an office. When the young associate came in and asked the purpose of my visit, I handed her my ATM card and requested that she tell me the balance. When she did, I then asked for a cashiers check in that amount. That’s when things got wonky.

She froze, stumbled over her words and asked why I needed that amount (It was not a small sum). This gave me an opportunity to explain that althouth I personally would not be affected by their new fees I know plenty of friends and family that would feel the pain. In solidarity with them, I wished to close the account and move on. She unwittingly suggested that if I just use my debit card once a month then there would be no fee. That was good for a belly laugh from me, then I again requested the balance to be issued to me in the form of a cashier’s check. She then told me that there would be a $10 fee for this service. Another laugh. I guess it didn’t sink in when I told her that I was fee adverse. There was an easy work-around anyway – I requested the cash. That finished my time with this associate banker as the amount I was requesting was “well past” her daily limit for withdrawals. I asked if there would be an issue with securing the cash and she said “I honestly don’t know if we have that here” and walked out to get the branch manager.  The manager was pleasant enough and very direct. After introducing herself she flat out asked “What can we do to change your mind?” “We don’t want to see you go” she emphasized. This opened a door for me to further explain my decision to leave the bank and why I was doing it. Amazingly, it did not fall on deaf ears. She indicated that understood where I was coming from and actually showed genuine surprise at some of the facts I provided her about the less than consumer friendly policies and mechanations of her employer. She did make some feeble counter-arguments and repeatedly asked me if I would change my mind (with a hint of desperation!).

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#OpCashBack Official Statement

I will not be deleteing the site, nor the twitter, nor will I change the name for anyone, I support this movement, and I support the Nov 5th movement. I am not sorry if there are nov 5 organizers who are butt hurt because I was not included in on a choice, but where I am in a structure of “no leaders” everyone equal, my site will be staying. For the few of you who follow and support, I thank you, and I wish for you to support and promote the Nov 5th movement as well, and the Oct 29th one as well, and think there are about 48954983 others popping up which I will support as well. As long as people take their money out of big banks and support putting them into credit unions then its all good with me.

I was told Nov 5th will have more political relevance, well good, I hope it does. This is the point is it not?

I was told if we dont join up there is no solidarity, that’s just ridiculous, there is, as long as there is support for everyone.

I was told the #OpBankRun hashtag is better sounding….. ok… Im not competing. This is not a contest, we are not 5. I was upset last night when I had the rug pulled from under with me no say into what I would of like to do, and I may have acted out inappropriatly on twitter. I have used social media in my business for a long time and it was poor judgement on my part. I apologize for that.

I am not competing with any other op, I simply want people to move their money now. Everyone can support who they like, its all for the better of the 99%


Miss Revolution

Let’s Keep The Ball Rolling #OpCashBack

Bank dude says "Keep your money there another month!"

We see a lot of people in twitter telling us they see signs to wait until Nov 5th to close their accounts. We are in full support of this day or any other that denies the big corporate banks their money making opportunities off of your money. What we are saying is why wait? Why let these banks make more money off of you? Why pay out to their shareholders at the end of this month with money they have made off of your money?

We say move your money now, some of you have more then just  a checking or savings and it will take a couple of weeks to close your accounts, this is why we say move that money now! Why let the 1% live off of you? Act now.

This movement is backed by @YourAnonNews and @MissRevelution_

Monday, October 17 Day of Big Change

There are bank movements all over, scheduled, but why wait? With the Occupy Movement going on globally, now is the time to speak loudly to big banking and let them know, We The People are more then money, we are more then profit, we are the 99%.

Starting tomorrow go to your local bank and close your account, for some of you this may be hard, for some of you they will not let you. For some of you this will mean a couple of weeks of being diligent in your actions, if you believe in taking back your country then you will proceed. When you go to the bank, simply state you would like to close your accounts, you should receive a form to fill out, if they ask you before you get that paper, tell them simply and politely, because you want too. When you get the paper and fill it out and sign it, let them know at this point you are closing your account because you are the 99%.

I say do this after as there are reports that people have been denied being able to close their accounts before signing said paperwork. It is important to let them know why though, this is the whole point in support of Occupy Wall Street, and all the Occupys world wide. This is about a change, a world wide change, we are not money, we are people and we deserve better then what we have been given. Its time to show the governments of the world that we will not sit idly by and let them play puppet master.

Please use the hashtag on twitter #OpCashBack We start on October 17, and spread the word. Please when you close your accounts, come back and tell about it here