What #ows Means To Me

Let the world know what this movement means to you, how has it touched your life, your world.


We are the 99%



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  1. I’ve been waiting my entire adult life for a chance to work for great justice. And now here we are.

  2. The Occupy Movement means an end to corporate influence on government world wide!

    It means we have the chance to rebuild this world in way our ancestors only ever dreamed of. We, right now, at this point in time have the chance erase long held borders & prejudices & become a global peoples united.

    It means we can evolve!

  3. maybe last opportunity for Canadians to realize we wait till 11th hour to take responsibility for each other. we are good at taking personal responsibility, but collective and strenuous efforts to tackle complex issues such as defacto Fascism masquerading as social programs is a bit tougher to define. if it can be explained in an op-ed, or condensed to a few tweets, we might get more than 1% of the 99% Canadians interested in their own destiny. Govt control of the teaching of History, Economics, Law and Classical Literature has meant gradual dumbing down of all children, so as adults, they cant see the forest for the trees, till one fall on us.
    I love my country and all the people in it, bar none, and Im crying as I watch us devolve into a vassal state of elites.

  4. Occupy has opened a world of opportunities for world citizens to act in a meaningful and potent way….Finally! It has united world citizens IN SPITE of their Governments. It has given the megaphone to the individual. That voice that now drowns out the military, political and economic propagandists who steal the worlds wealth, pollute the worlds food and water and exploit the worlds people.
    Since I was old enough to understand, I’ve wanted to create and help promote great change in the world. I was sold the minute I saw the gorgeous image of the ballerina on poised on top the bull in that Adbusters issue way back when.
    It’s a new day in a new world. Now that we’re all in, let’s get this vehicle rolling. Much much work to do. I sincerely believe in you all and wish you peace. Finally. Peace to us all.

  5. To me the occupy movement means we need our voice to be heard-regardless of your stance on the issue. For too long our “representatives” in Congress, the Senate, and throughout most high levels of government are people who don’t understand what it’s like to be most Americans. They don’t know what poverty is like, they don’t know what it’s like to be poor. They’ve never lived paycheck to paycheck, they’ve never been foreclosed upon, they’ve never searched for a job tirelessly for months on end and found the only replies are auto generated scams or temp agencies just trying to get your name into their database.

    For too long we’ve been represented by these people, and they’ve decided they not only no longer really represent our interests, but that they’re a better class of people than we are as well. Whether it’s those born privileged or those that by some stroke of luck managed to get where they are, they’ve decided what Herman Cain has verbalized-if you’re not rich, it’s your fault not theirs. Because it wasn’t a stroke of luck that made that once poverty stricken rich guy rich, no he just works harder than you (ask him, he’ll tell you), had nothing to do with right time, right place sort of fate right? It wasn’t a stroke of luck that left that rich kid born into the right family and you born into a poverty stricken one, it’s just that they’re better than you. These are the things these people innately think at very least, and these thoughts have lead to one inevitable conclusion: you’re stupid.

    We’re stupid, we’re all idiots, and they treat us as such on a regular basis. And that goes for everyone, rich and poor, our elected leaders believe we’re stupid, test it regularly, and treat us as such. I mean think about it, there’s actually a presidential candidate running around right now touting a plan he likely scrawled on the back of a restaurant napkin with a crayon and he definitely stole from a Domino’s Pizza commercial. How insulting is that? Last election a candidate selected a completely unqualified running mate based upon the idea that we’d vote based on what was (or wasn’t) between her legs as opposed to what was between her ears. These are slaps in the face of society. Moments that say “you’re too lazy or too stupid to know the difference”. This doesn’t even go into what the politicians do once in office, or their regular demonstrations of our stupidity with promises they know they can’t (and have no intention of) keep, platforms that make little sense, and debates during which they ignore the questions presented them and just go ahead with their talking points.

    I’m ready to be represented in DC by someone that knows what it’s like to be me. By someone who has been something similar to me, by someone who has walked in my shoes. Someone that’s felt my fears, understands my worries, and understand what it’s like to be an average citizen in this country. Someone that knows I’m not stupid, that my concerns aren’t to be ignored, that my worries won’t be quelled with empty promises, and that I need to be looked out for by those that are charged with representing me-even when it’s something that I may not like. That’s what the movement means to me.

  6. I don’t really like Jack Johnson, but in one of his songs he asks “where’d all the good people go?”

    Now we know.

  7. OWS to me seems like my pent up pubescent anger at that boogyman ‘the man’ being manifested 20years after I was a teen. Its not that there is no problems in the US but they are created by the people who are demonstrating as well as the ‘1%’ Too many young people only know the 1 sided leftist victim crap from the flood of Infotainment-documentarys of the 2000s. I knew crap about finance and the world when I was young and glad I never made a fool of mself on tv with some mob.
    I picked up a hichiker last month 33yo camper,grungy type, told me he never has a problem finding work in cities he stops at because he honestly looks to help out anywhere he can for any $ anyone will pay. Need $? Go to the local walgreens and ask the manager if he would like the lot swept, windows washed, go collect pine nuts, go out in the desert and grow marijuana,learn how to trade and take 20$ and invest it in a down day, YOU DON’t DESERVE A CUSH 75k$ JOB JUST CUZ YOUR 25!! STOP BUYING BOXED PROCESSED FOOD! BUY THRIFT STORE CLOTHES!!YOU CAN’t HAVE YOUR FAVORITE CORPERATE PRODUCTS AND YOUR SOCIAL STATE AT THE SAME TIME. WHO IS YOUR REP OR COUNCLMAN??! The mob of young people have energy but no experience in the real world!! Bringing the man or corperate america down is no goal but ignorant reactionism.

  8. OWS is the people of this country who have not had a voice until now. Many have promised that they would represent us and fight the good fight, few have meant it. We thought that hope and change was our voice, but it was just an empty campaign promise. We are Americans, that in itself should say it all. The 1% has taken notice and they are afraid. We will not be arrested into submission, we grow stronger through adversity, we will not yield.

  9. Javier Alvarez Cobb | Reply

    It means for me to feel close to a large part of the American people

  10. Occupy has unleashed a tide of confidence and creativity that I haven’t seen in nearly 30 yrs. of living in New York City. It has shown us that we don’t have to accept or submit to the two-party hegemony and all its death by a thousand cuts of petty tyranny. Occupy has awakened Americans to the realization that corporate dominance and 10th century feudalism are not inevitable facts of life; that a new and natural reality is possible; that an inclusive and fair social order can be achieved, right here and in our lifetime. In a word, OWS has made the miraculous very immediate, very possible; it has made mere hope into a living vision of a new reality.

    I first began to sense this on my first visit to Zuccotti, just two weeks before it was pillaged by the NYPD. It suddenly struck me that there is, after all, a mightier force than Power, a deeper meaning than you can find in the corporate media-heads strutting and ranting inside your television box. I saw that there is an invincibility beyond Power, an invincibility born of the creative, the universal human yearning for mere equality. As we chanted during the N17 march: “the People…United…Can never be defeated!”

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